Indian Passenger Vehicle Export Analysis FY19

Dispatch of overall passenger vehicles to foreign shores from India witnessed a degrowth of -9.9% in financial year 2019 (Apr’18-Mar’19). 6,73,630 passenger vehicles were sent off India between Apr 2018 to Mar 2019. That is lesser by 9.9 per cent compared to 7,47,826 passenger vehicle exported during FY18.

The top five passenger vehicle exporters (Ford, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, General Motors & Volkswagen India), contributed near to 85 per cent of the total passenger vehicle exports from India in FY19. While the top three PV exporters contributed over 64 per cent to the total exports.

  • Ford retained its top spot by a thin margin from Hyundai. The overall exports for Ford fell a hefty -11.3% and 1,62,801 units were exported.
  • Hyundai saw a healthy growth in exports of 5.3% in FY19 and was just marginally short of becoming No.1 exporter.
  • GM overtook VW to become the No.4 exporter in FY19! With only 1 model in exports (Beat); GM is doing a fairly good job.
  • VW & Nissan which were efficiently utilizing their plant capacities; seems to be offtrack as of now. Both registered a double digit degrowth of -30.5% & -15% respectively.

Modelwise Export Volumes – 

Passenger Vehicles Production Statistics – FY19

We have been getting continuous requests on the Production Statistics for the Passenger Vehicle Industry. We are happy to share the same in this report.

India has seen a tremendous influx of automotive manufacturing facilities since 2000 and has also made it a significant production hub for the global automakers. The cost competitiveness has enabled India to encourage OEMs to set up their plants to not only cater to the domestic market; but even exports as well. The option is so lucrative that General Motors even though has exited the Indian Market; still continues to export the Beat from the Talegaon plant in Maharashtra.

The investment trend still continues and OEMs are expected to invest over $8-10 billion (Rs 51,600-64,500 crore) in India over the next three-four years to set up factories in the sub-continent. It shall expand production base in a market that is set to become the third-largest for passenger vehicles by the end of the decade!

Source: ET

FY20 shall probably see 3 new OEMs stepping into the Indian market and set up their manufacturing units (Kia, MG & Citroen).

The passenger vehicles industry currently has a production capacity of more than 55 Lakh, according to industry sources. Near to 40 Lakh units of Passenger Vehicles were manufactured in the previous financial year (FY19). The OEM-wise production statistics is as shown –

Owing to the dip in the domestic sales; the overall production too saw a decline and degrew -0.2% in FY19 v/s FY18. However; the biggest gainers were Tata & Honda who registered a double digit growth in FY19.

We also have tried to collate the model-wise production statistics for clarity –