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Management Punditz has been around for over 5 years now and thought to have an exclusive website catering to Automotive Sector. Thus Auto Punditz is born! We not only intend to share our extensive research on the industry, but also provide the automotive news without any bias or prejudice.

Our Tagline – ‘Not just another Automotive Website!’. Auto Punditz will strive to become a blog where content will be the king and accurate reporting will be our endeavor.

Our Mission – Nurture the Auto Passionate in you and become your daily dose of Automotive Media. Also make Qualitative Insights on the Automotive Industry easily accessible.

Our Vision – To be the Top Indian Automotive Blog in next 5 years.

Our Readers – Anyone whose heart has skipped a beat after seeing a car/bike will love our Website. Also if you were ever fancied how Automotive Industry has been the backbone of Indian Economy, then we’ll definitely amuse you!


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121 thoughts to “About Us”

  1. Hi
    I like your site..especially the sales data

    Why dont you share fuel splits and version level data for all models
    Is data getting for luxury cars possible

  2. Hi,

    You guys have extensive data on the sales number… Can I contact you guys to discuss as few customized sales number availability.

      1. Can I know, which one is the best petrol automatic suv ?
        How can I get the details of automatic vehicle sales numbers?
        Please help.

        1. 3 Strong Contenders – Renault Duster AMT, Hyundai Creta AT & BRV CVT. Do take a Test Drive for all three and take the call.

      2. Hello,

        Greetings of the day..!!

        We are the Authorized Indian Partner of Rust-Oleum USA which is one of the biggest manufacturers of DIY automotive spray paints.

        We are interested in posting content at your website. We can provide quality content on hot topics!

        Do you accept guest post?

        Waiting for your swift response!

        Thanks & Regards
        Truworth Homes

  3. Dear ADMIN,
    Data is quiet accurate, can i contact you for some customization on variant wise Number availability.

  4. Very comprehensive data, can the data be made fortnightly along with monthly statistics. Can we include bicycle sales also, it will reflect a good picture – green mode of transport utilisation!

  5. I am working in an automobile e-commerce company.
    We are looking for an auto expert organization for partnering to cater to some data requirements.
    these requirements can briefly be classified into- Rating & Reviews, Auto News & Articles, Content on latest launches and upcoming vehicles.

    If interested do call. Perhaps we can work something out.

  6. Hi,
    appreciate the effort you guys put in to collect and post this data on your website + analysis too!
    I just wanted to know the august 2016 sales number for Honda Hornet 160r,I know you still may be collecting the data,but if you have the number now,can you mail me?I would really appreciate it!
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Team,
    You guys are rocking!. Keep going.! This a very good platform.
    I need a small info regarding the ICV segment. Will you be able to cater the figures for the same….?

    Thanks and Regards,

  8. Hi. Big fan of your site. Have an idea for a new post. It can be GK on Indian car safety with questions like
    1) Most expensive car variant with no airbags
    2) Cheapest car variant with 2/6 airbags
    3) Most expensive car variant with 2 airbags
    4) Cheapest car with all 4 disc brakes
    5) Most expensive car with disc + drum combination
    6) Cheapest car offering ABS/ Hillhold/ ESP/..
    7) Cheapest car variant with 15/16/17 inch stock wheels

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for taking so much effort to help us with accurate data. I refer to your website when ever need reference for Cars or Bikes sales. Would appreciate if you could send or share on website, city wise and state sales of each vehicle.
    This will help many of us.
    Thanking you in advance.

  10. Your data is a treasure house for an Automobile Sales Professional like me.
    Will it be possible to get the following monthly data mailed.
    1. 20 best selling cars
    2. Model wise sales.
    Thanks again

  11. Hi,
    I am following this site since 2015. Superb compilation and very accurate. If commercial segment also added then it will be great.
    If any contribution from my side you require . you can contact me.

    Thanks once again.

  12. Your survey report is much useful to choose the right brand and to know the market..please keep posted..please share if you have any article..

      1. Dear Admin,
        I am a huge fan of you and following you for a long time. I have interest in auto industry and i like to study the trend. Lately, I have been trying to see model wise sales volumes in the Automobile sector.
        I request you if you can provide me a single consolidated sheet since Jan 2013.
        I will be highly grateful to you.

        1. Hi
          Could you please share the consolidated sheet for monthly model wise sales volume. I am interested to look at the numbers pertaining to Maruti Suzuki models in particular.

    1. Hi Teja! We have tried forecasting trends using the historical data, but have failed. The Indian Auto Industry is extremely volatile considering the shifting market preferences and abnormal government policies.

  13. Dear Admin: Kudos to the great work you folks have been doing ..I am sure this is extremely useful for those of use who are on the field and looking for a structure to the chaos on the sales information which is dynamics and yet revealing on the situation is going to pan out in the coming months to come ..would you please mind share the data from 2013 Jan to 2017 Jan for Motorcycles sales trend (various OEM’s) …? Thanks once again for all the help !

  14. Hi, Very much impressed with detailed sales data of cars, Can you pl share similar data for Commercial Vehicles, from April’16 to Jan’17 as well.
    Would like to get regular updates on Automobile sales data manufacturer Wise and capacity wise.
    Best Regards

  15. Hi,

    You guys are working excellent. I want mails regarding 4 wheeler sales data ( State-wise) on regular basis if possible.
    It will be a great help…


    1. Hi Amit. Thanks for following Auto Punditz! We regularly do not collate state wise data. However, the overall car sales figures will be mailed to you on a monthly basis from now.

  16. Hey folks,

    Really great work. Wanted to know if it is possible to get annual (or monthly) car sales data for each make/model starting from 2009 for Bangalore ? Any help would be really helpful.

    Thank you

  17. Hi Admin,

    You have extensive sales data by model and make of car. I want to use these numbers for estimating the size of Indian BCM market.

    Could you please e-mail me consolidated sales number of 2014, 2015 and 2016 by Model and OEM for my analysis?

  18. Like your site for referring to sales data as I can judge how the market is moving forward. Please continue to do the Good work.

    I know it is difficult to get the production numbers for various Auto manufacturers for different plant locations. Is it possible for you guys to get that data at the end of the month as you are doing for Sales figures.

    Best Regards,

  19. Hi, Admin, The data you share is very good, could I request you to share it over mail as soon as you get it? I will give credit to the source

  20. hello,
    liked your data, need to talk over regular data analysis and getting into some business as well
    contat asap


  21. Hi Admin,

    Can u pls add my email for daily/weekly/monthly subscription to read all your articles as soon as they are published?


  22. I am regular follower of your car sales data.. you have been covering car & 2 wheeler. Any specific reason on not writing about 3-Wheeler industry and sales figure?

  23. Hi,
    Appreciate the effort you guys put in to collect and post this data on your website and analysis too! Can i get the sales data of diesel car varients of all OEM,s specially of last 5 years for analysis. I would be thankfull to your team.

  24. Hi
    Data for bikes in the month of April and May not published
    Could state wise figures be shown for superbikes

  25. Hi , Please share with us the data on vehicle population from 2000 to 2016. It will be very much helpful for us. If possible share the state wise vehicle population.

  26. Hi Admin!

    I am an MBA student, working with a Competitive Strategy Professor at a Tier-1 B school in India. We are analysing the resilience of Hero post the split with Honda in 2010. Needless to say, once the report is prepared, we shall share with you as well.
    Specifically speaking, could you help us with the 2 wheeler segment & sub-segment wise sales in India from 2008 – 2015?
    Would love to speak with you!

  27. Dear Admin
    I appreciate your detailed data research since I’m interested in the indian car market.
    Would you be so kind and name the source of your data ? Is it an official source like
    for example the “Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt” here in Germany ?

    Best Regards from Germany

  28. Provide no. Of car registered in metros, I want top ten city in india who have maximum car registration .
    It will help me open my branches.
    We provide doorstep car detailing services in Delhi NCR.

  29. Hi,
    Thank you so much for providing the automobile data in detail…
    Could you share the Four Wheeler and Two Wheeler retail figures of Tamil Nadu from 1st Apr 2016 to 30th June 2017?
    This will help me for my studies.
    My mail ID is janakinarayanan15@gmail.com

  30. Hello Admin,
    Fantastic Job by you and your team.
    Will you be able to share
    1. state wise, dispatch of two wheelers in last 2 years of each OEM
    2. top 20 cities, dispatch of two wheelers in last 2 years of each OEM

    Many thanks in advance.
    Best Regards,

  31. Hi,Auto Pandit Team,

    Can you please send data in Xls format of Two wheeler for the month from April to June 17
    If possible,please send statewise,particularly Gujarat state required

    Normally we are taking data from website

  32. Hey,
    I am working on an important research paper for a national level marketing conference. And for that, I REALLY need sales data of 2 models (Maruti swift and swift Dzire) of the past few years. It would be kind of you if you could help me get that data. Kindly revert.

  33. Dear Admin,

    I am a vivid reader and follower of the group.

    I am in dire need of the car sales data (model wise) for last 3-5 years (monthwise).
    Need the same in next few minutes 🙁
    I will appreciate if you can please mail the data in Excel. I will be really grateful.

    ALso can I become a member?
    Thanks alot

  34. Hi, Wondering if you guys have car sales data by fuel type and in xls format? Please share if available. Look forward to hearing from you.


      1. Hi,
        I just need Year wise OEM wise Indian car sales from FY11-12 if possible.. Can you please share that?
        Thanks in advance.

  35. Hi You guys are doing a great job, can you guys list down/ publish data model variant wise GST + Cess.
    This will give overview of the current market positioning of models

  36. Hi,
    i am looking sales data from January 2015. i m facing trouble finding OEM sales and Model wise sales in few months of 2015. can you help me with that please.

  37. hey folks,

    great work! just wanted to enquire if a city+dealer+model or city+model level wholesale data is available. would be of great help in a research analysis i’m doing. thanks a ton!

  38. hey ! you have very good data. i was looking out for bikes data model wise and company wise. would be grateful if you could provide.

  39. Please send Indian commercial vehicle Sales Figures – till date in excel file.

    We need past sales trend of at lease 3 -4 years data for analysis purpose.

    Kindly let us know your office address, need to meet you for a discussion.

  40. Hi,

    Kudos team. I am really amazed by the level of detail in your statistics. Could you please share a copy of your database segmented as cars/ LCV/ Trucks annual sales volume data for period 2012-2017?

    Thanks in advance,
    Gopi S

  41. Hi Can you please share the model wise sales for two wheelers for August and September.
    Would like to see the same.

    Thanks in Advance

  42. Eagerly awaiting for October 17 auto sales performance. Also could you post commercial vehicles (3 wheelers, lcv & hcv) sales data

  43. Hello Team,

    Waiting for model-wise data for cars. It used to get uploaded by 3rd or 4th day of the month. May I know when are you planning to upload the same?

    Viraj Gokhale

  44. Hi,

    Nice informative website great Job!. Kudos.

    Confused :
    If Sedan: Fuel ? Petrol or Diesel and Vento or Rapid?
    if MUV what abut HEXA XT 4X2 (for family trips)
    kindly share your views.

    1. Hi Nitin. Our view:
      Sedan (Pe): City VMT (if manual) or City VXCVT (if automatic)
      Sedan (De): Skoda Rapid DSG (automatic)
      MUV (Pe): BRV is a good buy as it has the same engine as that of City.
      MUV (De): Hexa XT 4×2 is the perfect option here

  45. Dear Admin,

    Great efforts and kudos to do this exhaustive compilation.
    Please let me know as how to contact you for further details.
    Can you please mail me this data on krismallina10@gmail.com. Also, if you have city and state wise nos

    krishna mallina

  46. Dear sir,
    very impressive market research found.
    Would you please provide us some research and forecast for E-ricksaw segment such as-
    top brand E-ricksaw and their sale in last 6 months.
    sale fore cast for the same.

  47. This site is good!

    Do you have website for information related to Trucks? Please give us website details if you know website name.

  48. Hi,

    I work for an energy think tank and we are developing a policy paper on Indian automotive fuel policies. Was wondering if you have historical data of diesel / petrol vehicles? If available on a state basis will be great.

    Would it be possible for you to share that data if available?



  49. Hi team Autopunditz

    That is some is some intensive stats work,
    can you plz share 2w sale data from 2013 till date.
    Seriously interested in model wise fig. if possible.


  50. Hi Team Autopunditz,

    Can you please provide me market share of 2017 by city wise of Gujarat state. It would be very helpful.


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