April 2018 Car Sales – Snapshot

The industry grew an impressive 7.3% and Maruti crossed the 55% Market Share figure as well! Hyundai’s performance was below to that of the Industry’s and needs new launches to match up Maruti’s growth levels. Tata’s numbers has been spectacular and the Indian OEM is on a dream run. Honda sees a steep decline owing to Zero Wholesales of Amaze (the next gen launch is slated in May’18). Renault, Nissan, VW & Ford struggle to improve.

16 thoughts to “April 2018 Car Sales – Snapshot”

  1. Jeep shud considered seperate brand, why u always mix up.
    By ur logic
    VW & Skoda volumes shud be combine
    Renault & Nissan
    TATA & jaguar
    Plz seperate brands

    1. VW-Skoda, Tata-Jaguar and Renault-Nissan have separate showrooms and separate manufacturing locations in most cases. This is not the case with Fiat-Jeep.

  2. Maruti’s market share is outrageous, I think other companies like VW, Nissan etc need to perform or they will perish. A couple of auto Giants might shut shop in India in near future if they struggle to find buyers. Maruti’s sheer dominance is a big deterrent for many big auto companies to enter the Indian market.

  3. Herd mentality making the industry skewed – if multiple makers shut shop – we will be left with supply driven market than demand driven market. Tin cans are the future.

  4. Thank for the April Snapshot.
    Can understand Maxximo and Supro exclusions but why Thar numbers are excluded.

  5. Hello,

    Is there anyway to get the same monthly data for a particular region or city. Would be super interesting to know how much of the Pan-India trends apply to Mumbai.


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