Best Selling Sedans of October 2018

One of the most competitive segments in the Industry!

There has been no definitive winner in this category and that’s what makes this segment extremely competitive. Ciaz in its refreshed avatar had taken the Top slot in Sep’18 and was clearly ahead of City & Verna. However, just within a month the scenario changed and the gap between Ciaz & No.2 (City) minimized to just 280 units. Also City, which was pushed to the No.3 spot jumped to the second rank in Oct’18 overtaking Hyundai’s Verna. 4th Spot has been dominated by Skoda’s Rapid and it has been pretty consistent there (anticipated that Yaris could’ve dethroned it).

Let’s see the Top 5 best selling sedans of Oct’18 –

You may be wondering; where is Yaris in the list? Toyota’s biggest launch this year couldn’t meet the customer’s aspirations level and the pricing worked as a deterrent to the model. Yaris registered its all time lowest sales yet and was pushed to the bottom of the table!

2 thoughts to “Best Selling Sedans of October 2018”

  1. This segment is losing out to SUV and that’s amply demonstrated by the regrowth in the segment for the top 3 players

  2. With subdued response for Yaris, Toyota needs to seriously look into the strategy of selling re-badged, successful Maruti products (Brezza & Baleno), from Toyota’s showrooms. Cosmetic changes on existing cars will add some cost and asking higher price for already successful products, just because it will have Toyota badge stuck on it, could be another failure in making, just like Yaris. (Unless Toyota tries to differentiate engine, by introducing some Hybrid technology – but that sounds some distant dream)

    And yes, same theory also holds good for Maruti, aspiring to sell rebadged Corolla in future.

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