Luxury Car Sales for last 10 years!

Yes, we have been able to collate the data for the last 10 years (2008-2017)! The Luxury Car Industry has grown >5 times in the last 10 years in the Indian subcontinent. Though the overall annual volumes is less in the country, the continuous growth in the segment has attracted many Luxury carmakers to make their presence here. To highlight the significance of Indian Luxury Automotive segment – India is one of the first few markets in the world where the Lamborghini Urus is being launched. Even with a ticket price of Rs.3 crores (Ex-showroom, Delhi), company claims that they have exhausted almost all the Lamborghini Urus SUVs allotted for India, for the year 2018!

In the consolidated Sales of past 10 years, Mercedes Benz take the Top slot with the sales of 88,260 units. BMW stands second with sales of 70,209 units. Audi within a smaller span came close to BMW and sold 67,887 units. It is important to note that while Mercedes is present in the country since more than 20 years, BMW and Audi have completed just half the tenure of Mercedes! BMW’s rise was phenomenal – It was able to dethrone Mercedes as the No.1 luxury OEM, just within 3 years of its presence in India. Audi’s rise has been similar – Though it was founded in 2007, it jumped as the No.1 Luxury Car maker  by 2013 and toppled both BMW & Mercedes. However, the spur of new launches in 2015 drove Mercedes Benz back to Numero Uno position! In 2017, Mercedes Benz commanded a market share of over 39% and is going strong year on year. It also achieved its all time highest sales volume of 15,300 units in 2017!

The ranking table has been extremely volatile over years and the same is depicted in the above table. Also attached here is the latest Ad from Mercedes Benz highlighting the No.1 Luxury OEM for 3 years in a row –

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  1. Not surprising – the model portfolio of Mercedes-Benz in India is comparable with that of Maruti Suzuki! Simply reinforces the fact that intelligent presence at every layer of a market does wonders for desired volumes.

  2. Big three germans along with jlr and volve have pushed the sales upto 40k mark yearly.Thats more than some mass market brands,like skoda,vw,nissan,fca.Strange times for indian market and these numbers will shoot up year after year.Indians are definitely obsessed with luxury barges.I am afraid that value luxary brands and slow sellers will pack up but luxury cars are here to stay

  3. Hi,

    Great information!!

    Can you provide the sales figures of top selling models of the 5 luxury brands mentioned above namely, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, JLR, and Volvo for the years 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 in India?

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