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  1. Maruti has ~2000 dealers and 15 products and sells 160000 cars
    ie 80 cars per dealer, 15 products means
    –5.33 models/dealer/month

    Hyundai has ~900 dealerships across India and 8 products on sale and sold 45000 cars
    ie 50 cars per dealer ie 6.25 models
    ie Hyundai sells
    –6.25 models/dealer/month

    Clearly shows Hyundai is any day stronger brand than Maruti Suzuki

    Now lets take the market average seller Ford , 9000 cars /month

    Ford has ~ 400 dealerships across India and 6 products on sale
    ie 22.5 cars/ dealer , so on average Ford sells

    –3.75 models/dealer/month

    So with more products and more dealerships an average car seller too can be a better player in India.

    1. Agree with your theory, but what’s stopping Hyundai and Ford to introduce as many models and open that many dealership in India like Suzuki?

      Worldwide,Ford is a giant when we compare it with suzuki. So, its not a big deal for them to achieve that number if your analysis is right. Awaiting your reply

      1. Reason is simple,

        Hyundai is in right track and I am pretty sure by 2020 Hyundai and Kia will gain a big bonus , they will launch more products in India in coming months and will keep on increasing brand power in India.

        Ford as a brand has a policy, to launch products with QGSS (Quality Green Safe Smart) cars, and to launch cars with QGSS at low price point is very very difficult, but look at Maruti Alto,Celerio,Wagon R,EEco,Omni,Gypsy 6/15 products 0 GNCAP and pre to 2015 it used to be 9/12 cars that were 0 GNCAP cars , ie a whopping 75% of cars being unsafe and compromise cars, since Maruti set its foot in India back in 70s people trust it, but barely people understand they are blindly trusting a brand , which in reality is just doing its business making money by selling more products earning more trust in form of advertised mileage numbers, service stations etc.

        1. Kia, we have to wait and watch before we speculate about its brand power.

          Ford used to be well built models so far, but have you test drove the figo/aspire? Its build quality is not like previous models.
          Also, see below link

          Maruti introduced airbags and abs optional for all of their cars which is then followed by Hyundai.

          Finally,am not backing any brand here. It is the govt to make safety norms and rules stringent otherwise we will get substandard products from almost all the manufacturers.

          1. Absolutely correct. Automakers have to follow our Indian safety regulations and norms.. be it good or bad, outdated or new. And who makes those? The govt. And I believe our Indian safety standards, regulations and norms are completely outdated as compared to the rest of the world, even other developing nations. So if anyone has to blame for getting a substandard product/car, blame the right authority not carmakers.

          2. I have driven new Fords and they despite being weaker are still far superior to Indian made Marutis for India, what not atleast they are ready to supplement extra rigidity with 6 airbags which no other brand did offer in this segment
            Now regarding Endeavor issue, I can only imagine how pathetic a product will be if Maruti was to introduce an Endeavor rival, so let Maruti stay where its best, the small car segment,
            No I didnt say anybody is backing any brand here, but the biggest seller in India is in no way a better brand than low volume sellers like Hyundai,Ford,Honda,Toyota infact the bigger seller is the one thats selling inferior products,
            I still say this, think of it, top 10 selling cars in India has 7 Marutis out of 3 models still are GNCAP 0 rated cars, or shall I say around 45000 cars Maruti is selling per month has 0 GNCAP score, so at least in my book thats any day a worse ideology than Fords,VWs,Honda,Toyota etc does
            Also regarding Fords K struts, wait until something official from Ford gets announced never jump into a conclusion like we are also structural engineers.

          3. Dear KD,

            I do agree that government is the 1st responsible for making the right laws but think of the 2nd ones who has to take action the brands.

            VW,Ford,Skoda,Fiat, all of these brands could have sold unsafe cars in India to amass sales like how Maruti and even Hyundai does, but they didnt, they could have easily done this, but they did not and finally Ford out of desperation for market share got forced to compromise a little bit on safety and yet our population still dosent give them the required attention!

            So I do agree government is the chief culprit but I rather appreciate brands like VW,Ford,Fiat,Skoda more in the process because they cared a little more for customers safety rather than mere sales numbers.

    2. I think number of dealer for Ford is around 251 across India.thats the number the car brochure says.

      1. It used to be 289 dealers back in 2015 and was expanding so I assumed it to be 400 by 2018,
        Same way maruti too used to be 1800 back in 2015, so I assumed it to be 2000+ in 2018
        Hyundai too used to be 760 back in 2015, now its around 900

    3. Actually, this logic would have worked had all 15 cars belonged to different brands.

      But your calculations actually proves how strong Maruti brand is… even though the dealership keeps 15 cars in its showroom, yet 5.33model/dealer/month is achieved irrespective of car type or customer type.

      Get it?

      1. No, there is a variance factor as well involved here,
        think of it like this, you go to a small grocery store, you are limited to a certain extent, but go to a super market with nearly 5-10 times more products than a regular grocery stall, one is bound to spend more there despite some being more expensive as people think, we can get all kinds and all types in one go, this is what makes Maruti strong, but look at Hyundai they have just 40% dealership strength as Maruti but still manages 6.25 models per dealer, showing stronger brand power and pace

    4. Good analytical insight. Ultimately what indian public sees is the strong presence of Maruti every nook n corner. Other OEMs are unable to do match their strength. 64K comes from Omni, Eeco, Alto, Celerio, Wagon-R all basic models no features….When will the Indian market mature???

    5. maruti has products for each buyer type,
      so the products excelling in tier 1 may not be doing good in tier 2,

      So a dealership performance cannot be judged on the model basis as the supplier (Suzuki) is catering to a large customer base compared to other like Hyundai, Ford, Toyota, who are focusing on specific niche,

      So 80 cars per dealership is a very good figure, managing inventories of a different model and optimizing operations is not rocket science,

      Moreover, not all 15 models are available in one dealership, they have developed Nexa as a separate brand which is doing as good as Hyundai

      1. the thing is Maruti has all these cars and they got the first mover advantage since the 80s, unlike most other brands who either tried to position themselves as premium brands or as sporty brands
        Ford tried to be a premium sporty brand in India, introduced Escorts, Mondeo etc which are considered as worlds best handling sedans, but our people were not in a position to accept these models, all these resulted in too poor sales and the global recession means import parts were as expensive as German brands like Audi,Mercedes which means they lost a lot of money and operational ethics back in 90s, then by early 2000s they tried to set them as mid tier brand with Fiesta,Ikon ,Fusion etc and that was a good starting point, by 2010 only Ford cracked Indian car market with Figo, so its as good as saying Ford started Indian innings by 2006 with Fiesta launch so Ford is just 12 years in our market while Maruti is already in 32 years in market and Hyundai almost 22 years in market , so its inevitable that Maruti has got this lead.

  2. Admin, I think Chevrolet India should now be kept out of sales charts as they don’t sell any cars in India.

    1. Hi. Chevrolet India Numbers are taken into consideration for calculating the overall Industry Size (Ex: During May’17, Chevy was operational and hence their volumes reflect). We shall keep out Chevrolet volumes once both the column Zero figures are reported.

  3. Why is S-Cross not in the SUV chart when its the same length, width, height and wheelbase as Creta and very close to Duster and Capture all of which are in the chart?
    Last month it was in the Compact SUV chart despite being the only one over 4m.

    1. because the admin is biased to creta and this has been pointed to him many times. He thinks Scross is a cross over and Creta is a SUV!! Which is laughable. Creta is a boxy crossover !!

      1. They are both Crossovers (Crossover from a passenger car underpinning to an SUV), they admit S-cross is an SUV by putting it in…erm Compact SUV, but its the same size within mm of Creta and pretty much on the size of Duster and capture at 4.3xm long.

  4. Happy that TATA Motors is gaining popularity with Tiago,nexon,tigor. And its embarassing that Hexa sales somewhat equal to safari when considering its age.
    I am not understanding why Indians are buying more of Maruti cars that are of poor built quality.And as per my point of view, Indians prefer cars with good mileage and durability.If we are looking at the sales of Ford Endeavour, the sales seems shamefull because its a far better car than Fortuner, and it is getting only an average sale of 600-900.Its not only the case of endeavour, even checkout hexa and Every Skoda.
    Wake-up guyz

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