Indian Car Sales Figures – October 2017

October was a tough month for the Auto Industry and the growth was almost flat. As the figures projected here are the offtake data (dispatches from OEM to dealers); the actual retails will be significantly higher. The lower dispatches here indicate the weak business expected from upcoming month (November) and dealers would’ve also planned to rationalize their inventory. Many OEMs would have also reduced the production in Oct’17 owing to Diwali (and hence plant shutdown during the holidays). Anyhow the sentiments are low post-GST and it’ll be interesting to see how market responds in November. Many important launches are scheduled too in November – the biggest are the New Gen Ford Ecosport and Renault Captur. Both the models are SUVs and will cater to the SUV craze in the sub-continent. The new launches are extremely crucial to revive business for their parent OEMs and lot of hopes are pinned on it.
Let’s look at the modelwise analysis here:

Top 25 selling models of October 2017 –

Top Selling Hatchbacks (entry & mid level) –

Top Selling Premium Hatches –

Top Selling Compact Sedans –

Top Selling Sedans –

Top Selling Compact SUVs –

Top Selling MUVs –

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  1. What happened to Hyundai Verna – from 6054 despatches in September 17 down to 4701 despatches in October , despite the huge number of bookings and enquiries claimed by the company. Are the dealers already carrying heavy stock?

    1. Hexa is a great product. But at the price it is offered, it is a huge bet for any buyer and we would want to be completely sure before investing. Tata as a brand has never got the premium appeal and the reliability issues has haunted almost all its models. Hence, it will take some time for the product to prove itself and only then it’ll get the acceptance it deserves.

  2. Hello,

    Is there a possibility of getting this analysis delivered to my mail id on a monthly basis? It is really insightful and thorough analysis!

      1. Hello,

        Is there a possibility of getting this analysis delivered to my mail id on a monthly basis? It is really insightful and thorough analysis!

        It ll be useful for me pls

        1. Agree with the analysis…A truly world class car which is underrated owing to tata brand image! It may take sometime for people to win that trust and it’s matter of time…many are waiting to see if the product from tata really lives up to its expectations. ..I’m one among them

  3. Ford is always an underdog. When a competitor arrives, its sales nosedive. That is what happened to ecosport when Nexon arrived.

    1. Ford consciously reduced the ecosport production for their facelift launch. Now the waiting list is for at least 3 months, and looks good.

      1. Do consider BRV if you can stretch a bit. And with discounts offered upto Rs.1 Lakh, the BRV fits the bill in 7-seater category. Also Test Drive one immediately for clarity.

      1. Hi. Ford’s volumes are momentary and they were trying to liquidate the old Ecosport’s stock while the New Ecosport has been launched. Even as on date, the old Ecosport is being sold with huge discounts to clear off the stock. Am sure Nov’17 volumes would be substantially higher for Ford.

        1. Ford is out of budget segment, Figo/ Aspire have disappointed and so will the new ecosport, that. Brezza is sitting there comfortably, and the rest will be taken by Nexon/ WRV.

          Only good product they have is endeavor and I am wandering why it is not able to catch up to fortuner. Fortuner has legacy and the last model made way for the newer one, but Ford offer a lot that too in en elegant way

    1. Also, if you have a sheet with a summary of Oct16-Oct 2017 sales that would be great! and anything current on the SUV market would also be helpful. Much appreciated!

  4. What is the total Passenger vehicle Domestic and Export sales Growth Oct 2017?
    In term of YTD (Apr to Oct 2017) and MTD (Year on Year basis)

  5. Hii Admin,
    u have a nice database it helps me to improve my knowledge of automobile market. I have some queries
    1. Are all the sales figures include selling to defense/govt/police dept..
    2.According to you what is the future of Indian car market because everytime the taste of customers are changing
    3.Is our country is ready for EV? According to me, our infrastructure is not ready till now nor our system is showing proper interest in these fields.
    4.what are future of Skoda auto, VW,nissan,
    5.What are the scope and future of new companies like SAIC etc in the Indian market?
    6.Please do some update at least quarterly basis on the International car market.

    1. Hi, The figures of MUX, Force One/Gurkha is not available with us. Also Chevy figures are still considered to compare the loss in volumes what we had vis-a-vis last year.

  6. Bro you do a great job 👍👍👍👍but why does it take you a week for this chart as all companies release their results on 1 of every month and if possible mail me only tata and mahindra sales as being Indian we should support indian

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