June 2018 Car Sales – Snapshot

The Indian Auto Industry grew a healthy 37.8% YoY as the last year’s base was low (due to GST transition). Apart from Renault, Nissan, VW & Fiat all other OEMs reported a positive growth


  • Maruti drops below 50% Market Share even though the OEM grew a humongous 44% YoY!
  • Hyundai grew a modest 20.8% YoY backed by New Creta & i20 launch
  • Toyota’s growth was phenomenal basis Yaris performance (also it was affected the most during GST implementation)
  • Tata Motors dethroned Mahindra from the 3rd spot!
  • Even Honda overtook Mahindra’s passenger vehicle sales by a very strong market response for its newly launched Amaze.
  • Ford too had a great month and the same is attributed to the newly launched Freestyle!

15 thoughts to “June 2018 Car Sales – Snapshot”

  1. Considering market growth of 37.8% YoY,
    Anything below tht percentage is not growing.

    No point in talking about Suzuki

    Tata is going strong, with great portfolio
    This brand is changing the auto industry.
    TATA is totally a new brand now.
    Its gaining popularity really fast rate.

    Hyundai n Mahindra are well below 37.8%
    Mahindra is losing very fast, with no great products.
    Cant believe with brand like Pininfarina at Home, they have such bad designs.
    They really need to plan turn arou d like Tata did.

    Honda has really bad portfolio. No wonder even City is losing ground. Only brand value doesnt works.
    For Amaze its too early to comment.
    Personally i feel its very ugly car, flat face, n bad interiors
    Honda’s desing is going down by every year.

    For Toyota, all eyes on Yaris.

    Ford, freestyle n ecosport are doing enough numbers.
    Freestyle is too early to comment, as companies purposely supply in big nos. in start to boost nos.
    Ecosport seems to be greatly affected by Nexon

    Renault, Kwids magic seems to lowering
    No other good product.

    Jeep compass is settling near 1500

    Other brands seems less interested in India, they are depending upon exports only i think. Including Ford.

    1. Hii
      I dont think Ford is focusing only on exports , if so they shouldnt have launched the Freestyle in India
      And Ecosport is not loosing ground to Nexon, in fact it has kept ground and is still staying ahead of Nexon despite being a 5 year old product, the products that are dying in Figo stable are the Figo and Aspire, both of these are due for a face lift , so the sales of Figo+Aspire combined is below 1200 hence these low sales figues of just around 8444 models,
      Also do remember that Tata has Nano,Tigor,Tiago,Zest,Bolt,Nexon 5 sub 15 lakh Rs products in India Ford has just Figo,Aspire,Freestyle,Ecosport, 2 less products , so its obvious that Tigor and Tiago is making all the difference not the higher models

      1. Hi

        TATA sales numbers are mostly derived from Tiago, Tigor, Nexon and Hexa. All other models are having less sales. EcoSport and Nexon have it’s own ground, both are good machines and competent in the category.

        Maruti & Hyundai is in the market, may be in future TATA & M&M will hit both top manufactures sales numbers with new launches.

        1. M&M no chance, but Tata has potential and it can go up against Hyundai, but it will never ever beat Maruti because the common mans perception is Maruti = reliable, better which is not entirely true in reality, add to it over 2000 sales and service networks across India , Maruti is unbeatable

    2. Ecosport is not really affected by the Nexon because it is one of the few models in India that has been delivering a constant positive growth averaging around 5000 units/month, not too low not too high. And it will continue to make money for Ford India in the years to come because it’s a proven, reliable vehicle. IMHO Ford India is in a very healthy shape now. The major problem with Tata is that their dealers and service are letting them as well as customers down. There are plenty of horror stories of Tata dealers. If Tata doesn’t do anything about it then not even great products like the Nexon, Tiago cannot save them in the long term.

  2. Am I the only one that is happy that Maruti’s market share has come down? Why? Because unlike some I actually don’t want myself to be stuck to just Marutis and domestic players in the future! I want the market shares to be about uniform across carmakers, I want the market to be more mature and look beyond Marutis… just like other car markets in the world.

    1. Same feelings, here as well, frankly our car market is easily one of the worst because, if anything need to be successful here it should have a Maruti/Hyundai badge on it, even countries like Malaysia ,Indonesia, Philippines etc get better cars from brands like Ford,VW,PSA,etc ie Focus ST,Fiesta ST,Escape,Explorers and PSA 408,5008 etc while here in India this stupid sub 4m system paired with stupid petrol prices and a whole bunch of stupid tax systems favor a very constrained and limited type and kind of customers, our customers are fooled to the notion that they are getting lot of value in Maruti/Hyundai products because they are spacious/feature rich, etc its so sad to see that our country even today dosent have a proper hot hatch like Fiesta ST or Polo GTI etc on an affordable range , now its getting too late fossil fuels are dying out, we Indians missed a whole lot of motoring stories and adventures and actual motoring fun, all wee have is a flock who asks”kitna deti hai”, what a pity!!

  3. Dear Autopunditz team,
    Please stop praising Maruti for their sales numbers. Anyone who has travelled outside India, will come to know that Indians have been deprived of good cars, just because Maruti has been successful in the ‘Kitna Deti Hai’ narrative.
    In fact, we should refer to their cars as Suzuki cars, and not Maruti- since the same brands are sold globally – but better built and more structurally safe. Even though globally Suzuki cars are lesser quality in build than other brands, but they make dangerously unsafe products in India, and allow Indian media to use the Maruti name to hide their responsibility. It’s no surprise they have failed globally, but only India is their main market, because of ‘Kitna Deti Hai’ people. Shame on us, and on the media for not calling out Suzuki/Maruti on their inferior products targetted only at innocent Indians who have been fooled for so long 🙁

    1. I second your thoughts. Cheap products sold just because it has good mileage. The mileage is good because the cars are extremely light. Public doesn’t see the driving quality and safety. They are happy with only mileage and resale value. Bullshit cars sold by Maruti for years.

      1. Yes. Hopefully from next month, we have the breakup of sales in 2 categories:-
        Tin Cars (Including Maruti’s Dzire, Baleno and other toys made from discarded Cola Cola Tin cans)
        Safe Cars (Cars from other Companies that have a conscience)

    2. @BARNY
      Totally agree with you man, because of Suzuki and their power among central government , they brought the sub 4m rule and the sub 1.5l diesel engine and sub 1.2l engine tax benefits, just look at all Maruti-Suzuki cars from A-Z, they have all cars powered by these small engines, making better benefits for them and in the process harming brands that were ready to give even 2.0 atmospheric petrol engines under Rs 10 lakhs (Remember Mitsubishi ) all is the stupid game played by Maruti in conjunction with Suzuki,

      As you have said before, I ve been to many countries and I can confidently say that India despite being worlds 4th largest car market is easily the worst , USA,China,Europe, all of these 3 car markets dont have such stupid rules and regulations, instead they tax cars based on proper COX and NOx cycle tests, its sad to see even under developed countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc getting better ,safer, smarter and sportier cars than what we get here, and all this is due to stupid rules and regulations imposed by government hatched by Maruti to gain advantage over rival brands.

      1. I agree. It’s a dangerous game played on ignorant Indians by these car companies. Even in under undeveloped african countries, you can see most cars with 2.0l and better engines, and you wonder why Indians don’t deserve to have better powered cars?
        We need the media and portals such as AutoPunditz and other reputed websites to call out these shameful tactics and educate the car loving public.

  4. Plz, specify the no of car sales of 2000’s decade. We want to to know the scenario of early stages of indian companies like tata mahindra.

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