SUV Sales for June 2018

SUVs have been a craze in the Indian Passenger Vehicle space and almost all OEMs have an offering in the segment. To highlight the significance of the SUV segment – Kia & MG are planning to launch their first product on the Indian soil which shall be a SUV! Also though the overall Passenger cars sales grew by 37% in June’18; the SUV sales were up by an hefty 63!

As usual, value matters the most in the segment – Ex: Creta sold more than the much cheaper & smaller Brezza; similarly Fortuner & Endeavor sold more than the cheaper Captur! No wonder the Creta sibling shall be launched by Kia as Tusker (SP Concept) as their first model in the portfolio.

Let’s see the Top sellers in the Compact SUV & SUV space –

Best selling Compact SUVs
  • Brezza stands unbeatable in the segment and has made Maruti as a formidable player in the SUV space
  • Nexon overtook Ecosport & WRV to become the second best selling car in the Compact SUV segment
  • Even with TUV Plus, the overall sales for the marque was only 1811 units
Best Selling SUVs
  • The New Creta is now consistently on the Top 2 selling cars in the Hyundai’s portfolio!
  • S-Cross sales has jumped pretty significantly post the facelift and has now settled between 4-4.5k units
  • Compass sells more than the Duster – another example of how the consumers perceive value!
  • Tiguan sales have shot up – No specific reason on how it’s happened.

15 thoughts to “SUV Sales for June 2018”

  1. Can you please share monthly sales figures by type for cars, bikes and trucks please in excel format?

    Many thanks for reviewing my request.


  2. Autopunditz
    How on earth did you guys put S cross as an SUV, for the record, it is the most non SUV ish car in its segment by a long shot, one can even call it a compact SUV but in no way an SUV, its a cross over calling it an SUV is totally wrong, another sad part is Marutis best product in India is the S cross and it sells worst , shows how immature Indian car market is

    1. I agree but then also neither are all these vehicles like the Creta, Brezza, Ecosport, Nexon, Captur, XUV 500, Compass and all other monocoque based AWD or FWD cars “SUVs”. They all are just crossovers or in media words “crossover SUVs”. And also you are so TRUE on pointing out this point brother, S-cross is the best of the tin can bunch yet it sells way less. It just goes on to show the mentality. We complain about foreign carmakers not launching their International/superior cars in India well why/how will they? Because only things we care about when buying a car is FE and everything CHEAP!

      “Safety, performance, quality arey ye sab kya hota hai bhai?” – an average Indian car buyer

      1. I agree with this point, but the Creta,Ecosport,Captur,XUV500 all have a sub frame that can support AWD and are sold in some markets with AWD as well, so even though not AWD, they have at least >200 mm ground clearance at least unlike S Cross and Brezza

    2. @Somebody.

      I feel you. But I don’t disagree with Autopunditz analogy here.

      1. Most non-SUV-ish car in the list: The only SUVs we have on the list are Scorpio, Fortuner, and Endeavour.
      Compass would be a borderline SUV but an SUV nonetheless coz it missed out on a ladder frame but offers 4WD.

      2. It’s a crossover:
      Duster, XUV, Tiguan, and Kodiaq are all crossovers that happen to offer all-wheel drive. Creta and S cross are the only ugly ducklings here that should be out of this list but their true competitors lie in this list only. Captur, Duster, Compass, and XUV do have an overlapping customer base. Scorpio overlaps in price but it has its own following.

      Manufacturers have blurred the lines between crossovers and SUVs by calling their crossovers full-blown SUVs. They make us believe that we’re getting more for our money. In reality, an SUV should at least have 4WD. Not AWD. Creta is just Verna with a tall body + a higher price tag and fewer features.

      3. Maruti’s Best Product and least sales:
      As you move up the price point, the margins swell too. So, to make the same profits, they don’t need to sell 20,000 units every month. They can sell 3-4K and still have a healthy margin. 4K is a good figure for a brand that has come a long way from making mass-market and affordable cars. Getting out of its own shadows is not that easy. Remember Kizashi and Vitara? Nobody wanted to spend 20 lakh on a Maruti. They are gradually moving up the food chain. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Rs. 25 lakh car on the Nexa floor in a few years. It’s that good looking.

      4. S cross compact SUV:
      No we can’t do that. It may be compact in volume but length is what matters. If you look closely, all the compact SUVs in the list are sub-4 meters. S cross is longer. It clearly doesn’t fit in the compact SUV class.

      1. @ Matthew
        You forgot the TUV300 brother, it’s a proper body on frame sub4m SUV. And the Compass has AWD not 4WD because it’s a transverse mounted engine FWD based AWD. Another thing irks me is those so called auto sites ( call the Creta a “mid size SUV”. This shows how little these so called car guys know about an automobile!

        1. TUV, I believe should be on the list. Autopunditz, team, if you’re reading this, please add that too in future. The TUV now even has a big variant, so it can compete in both the segments. The Plus will compete with the big boys and the regular one will be in compact class.

          Compass is 4WD. Engine mounting has little to do with it. The Compass is the first Jeep to have the front-wheel drive as an option. So, having the crank move in the same direction as the wheel helps minimize drivetrain losses. The powertrain can sit on the roof and still have a 4WD. that’s the difference between powertrain and drivetrain.

          A 4WD typically has the option to disengage either electronically or mechanically. The driver may or may not be allowed to switch between 2WD and 4WD modes. They also almost always offer low ratio for rock crawling. The Compass trailhawk has that covered. AWDs are usually permanent.

          About the reviews and media houses, you should always take them with a healthy grain of salt.
          This Canadian guy explains it best.

          He’s specific about the motorcycling industry but it works the same in all sectors – including politics. Everybody survives on favors.

          HYPOTHETICAL EXAMPLE: Hyundai wants to call the Creta an SUV because it’ll bring more profit. So, Hyundai will invite the journos and treat them like kings (or queens). Then they’ll make them sit through a long presentation frequently highlighting the keyword “SUV” over and over until they’re certain that the attendees have taken the hint. And voila! Everyone starts calling the Creta SUV.

          You either do that or run the risk of not being invited to the launches, drive events. And suddenly the media car “breaks down” or has a “crash” when it’s your turn to review it. You end up getting the media cars when everyone else is done with it. Get the drift?

          Reason no. 2: Need of the hour.
          Tradition media TV/radio/paper/mags ( — wink wink) are dying. The web is the god-king today. So, to survive, you have to call Creta an SUV because people call it an SUV and that’s how they search for it. The rules are set by Google and you have to play by them or lose traffic.

          1. @Matthew
            Some brilliant points you’ve made! And sorry I messed up the AWD vs 4WD thing hehe

      2. @Mathew
        There is no conventional rule that anything having at least 4WD need to be an SUV ,eg Subaru WRX STi has 4WD , Focus RS MK III has AWD and its not an SUV, so ,my point is, to quality as an SUV it should either have 1 of those attributes, ie either a proper ladder frame chassis or a BOF chassis or a monocoque with AWD proprietary hardware or in the bare minimum 190+ mm ground clearance with addition of AWD hardware (not available in India but available abroad for Creta,Ecosport,Captur,etc) Ecosport,Duster,creta,all seem to quality at least this.

        Whereas for S cross, ford Freestyle, Elite i20 Cross etc they are best said as cross overs, I feel S Cross should be put in the Cross hatch or Cross over segment, ie most expensive non premium brand cross over in our country is I feel S cross, the Mercedes B Class too I feel is a cross over

        4000 odd sales for Nexa S cross is a good number in revenue terms, but has Maruti ever been a revenue based on quality company, all they have is revenue based on mass, but above all I feel its the immaturity of Indian population that I see, here the best Maruti car is least bothered

        1. Correction. WRX STI is AWD. Not 4WD. And AWD does not equal SUV.

          The Punto Pure has 195mm ground clearance. So, it’s an SUV. Right?

          Merriam Webster expects an SUV to have at least a ladder frame (light truck chassis). it also expects the vehicle to be rugged. What’s so rugged about Creta and Ecosport?

          I haven’t seen anyone rock crawling in their Creta or EcoSport. The most off-roading these crossovers experience in their lifetime is with light gravel, potholes and speed breakers. Duster, XUV can do some slush and slippery slopes with their trick AWD.

          S-Cross Numbers: You can try your best to get discounts on the S-Cross. You won’t get any. it’s meeting the manufacturer’s expectation and sales figures. The pre-facelift model was dead on arrival. That came with good offers.

          You say Indian audience is immature, I completely agree. That’s why anyone can come along and shove a hatchback down our throats while calling it an SUV.

          Judging by your inputs, I’d say you either own the Creta or aspire to own one. It’s a great car but not an SUV. Maybe a crossover. Matter of fact, I almost confused it for being something pricier when I first saw it parked next to the Q3. From the rear, it looks like it can give the Q a fight. But we should look at it objectively. No 4WD. Not even AWD. No ladder frame. It’s a hatchback (or a sedan at best) hiding in plain sight.

          1. @Mathew
            I totally agree with you on this, actually I would like to see Ecosport,freestyle,S cross, Elite i20 cross,S Cross,Creta,Brezza,Nexon all put under cross over category, not compact SUV/SUV category , again one reason I said Indian population is immature is due to this,

            I dont own Creat or Aspire , I own a lowly Ford Figo MK I, a VW Vento TDi ad well . Would any day pick a Ford/VW over these Japanese/Korean cars for their safety, qualities etc despite ownership experience being no the best with these brands.

  3. Can someone explain why TUCSON (now 4wd) not above TIGUAN in SUV sales list ? The numbers tell a different story.

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