Top 10 Passenger Vehicle OEMs for 2018 – China

Probably, you may be thinking on why are we covering Chinese Car Sales for 2018? – The reasons are:

  1. To highlight the magnitude of car sales in China. The Top 2 OEMs sold more cars than all OEMs combined in India! However; if you notice China’s Top OEM SAIC_VW sold over 20 Lakh cars and was only 3 Lakhs more than India’s Biggest Carmaker (Maruti has sold 17,31,179 cars in 2018).
  2. If all SAIC Brand Collaborations are combined together (VW+GM+Wuling); SAIC as a group sold a whopping 53,90,980 cars!!! With SAIC entering the Indian market this year (in name of MG Motors) – It shall be interesting to see how the Chinese OEM grab a considerable pie here.
  3. VW is the dominant brand otherwise. Its tie-up with SAIC & FAW combined garnered a sale of over 41 Lakh units last year. Considering VW’s India sales, VW is doing negligilbe volumes in Indian market.

3 thoughts to “Top 10 Passenger Vehicle OEMs for 2018 – China”

  1. Good to see data from the Chinese market. But there is no real Chinese technology there to enter the Indian market and make an impact like the Japanese or Korean brands. Local sourcing and manufacturing is key to pricing which has not been a tradition of companies from China. They might limit to assembly with sourcing a lot of parts from China. European brands succeeded only when they make a real product for India with a commitment to local sourcing (like KWID). Otherwise, there will be minimal impact. BYD is a game changer that made an impact around the world. Hope they start something in India.

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