Top 10 selling cars of July’18

  • No.1 & No.10 selling car belong to the same segment in July’18 – Compact Sedan! Dzire & Amaze combinedly sold ~35,800 units! The segment has seen a huge upward movement post the New Amaze launch and has suddenly caught attention of buyers (we expect lot of customers from premium hatch segment to have moved to compact sedan as well!). Amaze makes into the Top 10 list for second consecutive month.
  • OEM-wise penetration in the Top 10 – 5 models from Maruti stable, 3 from Hyundai and 1 from Nexa & Honda!
  • Maruti+Nexa dominates the Top 6! No other OEM is even close – Do note that the difference in volumes between the 6th & 7th best selling car is 3,359 units!
  • Hyundai now consistently fares with 3 models in the Top 10 list – i20, Grand i10 & Creta.

One thought to “Top 10 selling cars of July’18”

  1. Maruti Suzuki’s market strategy is really beyond imagination.When the Indian Market was not ripe for an SUV it had an amazing vehicle VITARA which flopped just bcoz it was ahead of its time. Then in 2012 Came duster which was so well received by people that it established Renault in India. Hyundai saw the opportunity and launched Creta 3 years back which massacred Duster and became the segment leader.Its already selling 10000 per month which is a huge huge number for a vehicle of that price range. Now the question is.. When Suzuki is already selling VITARA in many markets abroad…why they are taking so long to launch it in Indian market.. Why so sluggish with their moves 😡😡

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