Top 25 selling cars of June 2018

You may think on why we publish the Top 25 selling cars in a chronological order every month! To answer it – Out 91 passenger vehicle brands sold in June 2018; the Top 25 constituted 82% of overall sales! Also these models are extremely significant to their parent OEM – For Ex: Ecosport which is the 24th Best Selling car of June’18 contributes to ~47% of Ford India’s volumes! Similarly the Kwid which is the 17th Best selling car of last month, attributed to ~75% of Renault India’s volumes.

Let’s have a look at the Top 25 selling brands of June 2018 –

  • Dzire again tops the table with ~25k units shipped to the Maruti Arena dealers. It was over 6.2k units more than the second best seller Swift. Dzire is holding on to its fort and is trying to ward off the competition from the newly launched Honda Amaze.
  • Β Alto drops to No.3 position and loses the 2nd spot to Swift. The entry-level hatch segment is under pressure and the players in the segment (Alto/Eon/Kwid) are struggling off late.
  • Baleno & Swift are almost at similar volumes and are satisfying both Arena & Nexa target audiences. Well played Maruti!
  • i20 bounces back as the best selling Hyundai by just a whisker! The Creta was just 151 units short of the i20. Grand slowly is losing the race.
  • Surprisingly, apart from Maruti & Hyundai we see a grand new entrant in the Top 10 – The New Honda Amaze. The Japanese OEM has tried everything possible to make this product a success and the same is reflecting in the volumes. The game now would be to consistently achieve the feat – shall the mighty Maruti allow it?
  • Tata’s best selling offering is the Tiago and ranks 11th in the table. The volumes for the model has stabilized ~8k units and looks promising.
  • There is only 1 Mahindra model in the Top 25 selling cars which is also the oldest model in its portfolio. The age old workhorse Bolero is still a devout performer. Who would have thought that the marque Bolero which was planned to be shelved due to its outdated design shall ring the sales counters at even this stage of its lifecycle!

15 thoughts to “Top 25 selling cars of June 2018”

    1. Not just because it has a Tata badge on it but also because it is a new entrant and potential customers are giving it time to prove itself. Remember the Ecosport is a proven car (and also the founder of this segment) and so despite being a 5 year old vehicle it still sells in great numbers (being a Ford). The Brezza well as you know because it has a MS badge, it’s selling in hot numbers despite being the worst car in this segment IMHO. I’d say give Nexon the time to prove itself and hopefully in the near future it will sell more than ever.

  1. Maruti’s defensive strategy with just small cars is hopeless.. It launched grand vitara so many years back when the market was not ready for it so it floped.. But now… When creta is selling like hot cakes and almost enjoying monopoly in the mid suv segment.. Why maruti is reluctant to launch vitara which is already in sale in many other countries?? 😏

  2. too bad…
    I only want Indian brands in this list.Tata and Mahindra.
    F**K all brands and our own brands great

    1. I just want Maruti to stop producing stupid cars like celerio and stop cheating Indian middle class with quality less unsafe and stupid products like , our country is so much biased that they will buy anything with a Maruti badge on it, what a pity!

  3. Nexon is far better than breeza and ecosport.
    If it had a tag of maruti it woukd have been best selling car in india..

    1. its not FAR better, I have one in my family and its already having some electronics, electrical issues and some service based issues as well, while Ecosport I have from 2014 is still going strong without any issues and even has cheaper service and quality parts, so yeah, I expected a lot from Tata but they still have some way to go before being perfect.

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