Top 30 Best Selling Cars of 2017!

As promised in our previous post, we are happy to present the 30 Best Sellers of 2017! It is an interesting point – you may ask why we have covered 30 Top selling cars (why not 5? or why not 50?) . There is not point covering Top 5 (as all 5 are from Maruti Suzuki’s stable!). Also we didn’t want to cover more than 30 models as it would lose significance. We have also categorized Nexa separately to highlight the speed with which Nexa has made its presence in the Top sellers list. We’ve tried to calculate the modelwise YoY growth as well to understand the said model’s performance over last year. So the Best Sellers are –

Interesting Observations:

  • There is no other OEM models in the Top 10 apart from Maruti’s/Hyundai’s!
  • Baleno makes its presence strongly felt and registers itself as the Third Best Selling car of 2017! It sells almost double of Hyundai’s i20!

  • Maruti+Nexa had 12 models in the Top 30 selling cars! Whereas, Hyundai had 5. If other OEMs need to break the dominance of these 2 OEMs, they ought to have a model in the Top 10! It is really needed that Honda, Mahindra, Tata, Toyota, Renault to have atleast 1 model each in the Top 10.
  • Tata has only Tiago in the list. Can Nexon make it to the list next year?
  • Honda & Mahindra have 4 models each in the list.
  • One Product dependent OEMs have a pretty bad time as the entire OEMs performance is dependent on this 1 model!  Ex: Ford (Ecosport), Renault (Kwid), Toyota (Innova), Datsun (Redi-GO).

Indian Car Sales Figures – December 2017

The Indian Auto Industry registered a sales of over 2.35 Lakh units in Dec’17, which was almost 5% higher than the same period last year (Dec’16). Dec’17 was the last month of the calendar year and hence offtake data is not the right measure to assess the sales, because the actual sales would have been much higher. This is the dealer offtake figures and generally the offtake is usually low as year-change is expected on these models. Hence when compared to Nov’17, the Dec’17 sales degrew by 13%! In terms of retails, it was a blockbuster month. We Indians love discounts and Dec’17 is the month where deal seekers finalize their purchases seeing higher bang for their buck. All OEMs had the best offers running on their models (Ex: One could have almost availed a lakh rupee discount on Grand i10 in Dec’17!). Such huge offers were common across brands – And expect the same to continue this month as the dealers would still be carrying some 2017 stocks with them.

Let’s look at the modelwise analysis here:

Top 25 selling models of December 2017 –

This month we tried to innovate we present the sales figures and hence the segment wise analysis have already been shared in the earlier posts. Do share your opinion if you found it useful.

Also would want to leave a clue regarding our next article here –

Source: ET 

2017 Sales Statistics – Hatchbacks & Compact Sedans

We present the most important segments at the last. Yes, India’s highest selling cars come from the entry/mid level hatchbacks & Compact Sedans. Both of them combined contribute ~50% of overall passenger sales in India – In 2017, ~12.4 Lakh Entry/Mid level hatchbacks were sold and ~4.1 Lakh Compact Sedans were sold. These are the segments where Maruti Suzuki predominantly enjoyed leadership over years and is still reigned by it.

Hatchbacks have always been a practical choice for the Indian market as for many buyers a Four Wheeler is a first time purchase and considering the level of investment – entry/mid hatchbacks make a sensible buy. Also considering the country’s infrastructure, parking woes, government taxation structure – Hatchbacks rule! The Global Biggies (Toyota, GM, VW) lose out on the race in India for not having options/expertise in the segment. They’ve tried and failed miserably as well. The likes of Maruti & Hyundai have aced it and thus dominate the Indian Automobile market. Let’s see the sales statistic of the year 2017 for the offerings in the segment –

Dec’17 month sales volumes looked like this –

Compact Sedan’s are nothing but the hatchbacks with a boot. India should have pioneered the segment globally in my opinion and thus products like Ameo, Amaze, Etios were launched in the sub-continent first! The Compact hatches add to the aspirational quotient and thus many Indians do not mind paying extra bucks just for the additional boot. Having a 3-box car is matter of prestige in many Indian families and also considering increase in inter-city travel – having a sedan is sensible as well. The segment was found by Indigo CS initially and was mastered by Swift Dzire. The sheer success of Dzire in the Indian market and should be a case study in the Global OEMs desk. Dzire has been able to topple Alto as the best selling car in many months in 2017 and was just ~32k units short in terms of annual sales. However, apart from Dzire, all other models in the segment struggled all-together combined couldn’t match Dzire volumes (Dzire-2,25,043 units & All Others combined – 1,80,620 units). The refreshed Dzire launched this year was nothing but a generation ahead of the outgoing model and was easily able to pull majority customers to itself. The statistics for the segment was –

We have also collated the Dec’17 segment’s sales numbers separately for reference –

Best Selling UVs in India for 2017

Utility Vehicles have an aspirational value in the Indian market (rather utilitarian). We would either love to have a people/family mover MUV at home or drive an SUV with huge Road Presence. And with infrastructure woes, larger families, long distance travelling, etc these cars makes a whole lot of sense for the buyers as well. The products in the segment have a power of single-handedly establishing an OEM in the Indian market (Duster, Compass, Innova, etc are classic examples).

Both MUVs & SUVs combined sold 5,43,917 units in India. It contributed ~17% of overall sales in India and the segment is growing larger than ever before. It was also evident from the new launches in the segment this year (Hexa, Compass, Kodiaq, Captur, Tiguan, etc).

For better clarity, we have bifurcated the sales volumes of SUVs & MUVs. Let’s start with the sales statistics of Multi-Utility or so called Multi-Purpose Vehicles:

Dec’17 sales – MUV
2017 sales of the cars in the segment – MUVs
  • Innova has always carried enviable positioning in the Indian market and no other OEM has been able to match the success it always had. At the price point Innova sells, no other OEM can even think about it right now. With an exorbitant pricing, it has matched or even exceeded the sales volume of much cheaper Bolero. Though both the products are from different worlds; they sell almost equal in number.
  • Due to good monsoons this year, Bolero has been able to sell considerable numbers in 2017 and has earned the Top slot in the table. It again has an unique positioning and sells at an equivalent price of an hatchback in India. The Rural markets just adore this product and Mahindra themselves couldn’t find a replacement for this legend yet.
  • Ertiga has been a consistent average performer for Maruti till date. The consumers who would want a 7-seater yet compact offering would blind foldedly opt for an Ertiga. The pricing again is a sweet spot for this model and competition is scarce.
  • Hexa came in with a lot of expectations and potential. It tried to capture the market of erstwhile previous gen Innova and not been able to particularly succeed in its ambition. Though this could be the best Tata product one can find on the roads in terms of quality, consumers are still wary to invest the amount the product demands. However, with time perception can change – will it?
  • BR-V had a sinusoidal sales this year and was the choice of people opting for a petrol UV. The 1.5L iVtec engine was the sole attraction for this model and the CVT variant too has been able to pull some buyers.
  • Xylo & Sumo sold whatever it could (primarily in the Taxi segment).

Now the sales statistics of Sports-Utility Vehicles:

Dec’17 Sales – SUV
2017 sales of SUVs in India
  • Creta has catapulted Hyundai as a prominent player in the SUV space! The product was nothing short of a category leader and has sold in similar proportions. It has been able to consistently garner ~9k units/mth for the Korean OEM.
  • Scorpio sold almost 50% less than Creta in 2017. 3 years back no could have predicted that this day would come! Mahindra which used to be considered as the Maruti of UVs segment, is facing a sort of Identity crisis right now. No doubt, it still produces the most capable SUVs for Indian roads – However, consumer aspirations have changed and Mahindra is simply not able to match it the way it used to do before.
  • We have included S Cross into the table with a lot of persistence from our readers. While the product is >4m and some buyers do compare it with the offerings like Creta/Duster; we still believe that it is more of a cross rather than a SUV.
  • Compass makes a historic entry to the Indian market. It has undoubtedly revived Fiat’s fate in the Indian market and it rightfully deserves to do so. The product has allowed Indians to really taste the Jeep brand at a price point which can’t be ignored. We expect the volumes to sore even higher as the network expands and also eagerly await for the next offering from the brand (Renegade).

15 Best Selling Cars in the World!

Introduction On Best Selling Cars across the globe

If you are a passionate lover of cars and would like to know more about it, then you will certainly the next few lines interesting and informative. This is because we will be talking about fifteen best selling cars. While there could be many such articles on the internet there are is something unique about this article. The cars which we are listing below have been chosen with quite a bit of research. Customer perception, review of critics and other such factors have been taken into account only after which the list has been listed. It includes a wide variety of models of cars across different manufacturers and this certainly will appeal to a large section of car lovers who are looking at variety rather than just concentrating on a few cars.


Premium Hatch Sales Statistics – 2017

While we had announced the Car of the Year 2017 (here); we were very confident the winner was extremely capable to be a volume churner in the Indian market and shall be able to consistently garner buyers. Our prediction was right and Baleno turned out to be the sole block buster hit from the Nexa’s stable. Even as of date it commands a waiting period and has sought many buyers that otherwise would’ve avoided a Maruti brand product. The feature list that it offers is exemplary and still costs the least in the segment. It did give the earlier segment leader (i20) sleepless nights initially; but mainly snatched the sales of Jazz & Polo (even Swift for a certain extent).

Premium Hatches has been an extremely dicy segment. It was discovered by Honda with the earlier generation Jazz and burnt its fingers due to the consumer’s dismal acceptance of the product at the higher price point. Indian’s were just not ready to shell out extra bucks on a hatch instead of elevating to a 3-box car! However, i20 changed the game and started garnering substantial volumes over time. Buyers found value in terms of buying a hatch which could offer the premiumness of a notch above sedans  within the size of a hatch. The drive-ability in city conditions made the buyers to move towards these premium hatches and suddenly the segment surged beyond analysts predictions.

In 2017, only these 4 models in the segment could sell an astonishing 3,42,569 units! The segment contributed to >10% in overall passenger cars sales! Baleno commanded over 51% market share in the category and sold an average of 14,600 units in 2017. i20 Elite maintained its volumes and sold 9,688 units/mth average. Jazz & Polo could not garner the volumes as what they were capable of and managed an average of 2,490 nos/mth & 1,767 nos/mth respectively. Let’s see their monthwise sales for 2017 –

Also check the Dec’17 performance of the models in the segment –

Apart from Polo, all other models experienced a growth when compared to the same month last year. For India, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that ‘Hatches’ win matches 🙂 And premium hatch segment is one segment to watch out for – Tata is expected to launch it’s offering in the segment in 2018.

Luxury Car Sales – 2017

The Luxury Car Sales in India had a double digit growth (~18%) in 2017! Yes, while the subcontinent had emerged from Demonetization woes, GST implementation lurked it in 2017. Luxury Car Companies were anguished with such frequent policy changes and had disturbed a lot of expansion plans for these OEMs. However, the customers were not deterred and the luxury car makers found more buyers than they could have imagined!

  • Mercedes Benz again took the Top Slot and had almost 39% market share in the luxury segment! It grew a modest 16% from last year and is expected to cross 15k figures in 2017. Along with the traditional best sellers (E-Class & C-Class), the SUVs (GLC & GLE) were instrumental in the German OEMs growth story.
  • BMW’s growth in 2017 was exceptional! With no major new launches, it was able to sell 9379 units in India for 2017. It was anyhow supported by the New 5-series which gave a stiff competition to the E-Class. Also Mini did a dismal 421 units vis-a-vis 361 units sold in 2016. The New Clubman was the only fresh launch in the calendar year. BMW+Mini combined was just 200 units short from the 10k mark.
  • Audi had to recover from the VW Emission Scandalgate and the recovery wasn’t that great! Also this was Audi’s 10th year in the Indian market. Also with no refreshed models in the portfolio, Audi had to take the hit! With New Q5 getting launched in Jan’18 & A6 later in the year – 2018 shall be crucial for the German automaker.
  • Tata owned JLR had the best performance of all the luxury OEMs. With growth of 49%, JLR had a dream run in 2017. This was primarily possible with the price rationalization on all JLR models as more JLR models would be assembled in the country (v/s earlier CBU ones).

Best Selling Compact SUVs of 2017!

While the monthly sales figures are eagerly awaited, we thought of presenting the segment wise analysis first. In our analysis we figured out that the C segment sedan segment is the most fierce segment right now – We have two strong contenders for the Top slot and almost all the models in the segment are extremely capable offerings.

We would now analyse the most touted segment in the industry right now – the Compact SUV space. The practicality of an SUV at the price of a premium hatch has been loved by the Indians and every OEM has tried to enter the segment in one way or another – i.e. either by offering a proportionate SUV (which is small in size; like the Ecosport/TUV/Brezza) or they’ve upgraded the hatchback offerings to meet the norm (i20 Active, Etios Cross, etc). And, Honda’s WRV has been a mixed attempt!

Believe it or not, Compact SUVs almost contribute to ~10% of overall passenger car sales in India! It is a segment that can’t be ignored right now – And coincidentally all Top 5 OEMs have an offering in this segment! Before we check the Calendar Year 2017 sales, lets see how the offerings performed in Dec’17 –

  • Tata’s Nexon has dethroned the likes of Ecosport & WRV and jumped to No.2 Rank in the segment! In Dec’17, Nexon’s share in overall Tata’s passenger car sales was >28%
  • Brezza crossed 10k figure again with ease and registers a sale of 11,540 units in December
  • WRV volumes is still strong and contributes an impressive 3,760 units. As a matter of fact, it has been the second best selling model for Honda in 2017!
  • Ecosport was again in a confused state and could do only 1733 units. Even post the new model launch such variance in numbers is unfortunate
  • S Cross has found 2,847 customers. Still not able to understand the profile of the customers who opt for an S-Cross

2017 sales –

  • Brezza is the undisputed segment leader and contributes to over 45% share in the segment!
  • There was a tough competition for the No.2 slot though! Ecosport & WRV have been fighting hard for the same.
  • With Nexon coming in, we expect the race to be No.2 will be even more exciting! However, sales inconsistency of Tata products is to be seen for Nexon’s case.

The segment has created a lot of buzz since Ecosport was launched and Maruti’s entry has made it even more prominent. It has also seen many OEMs launching an offering in 2017 (like WRV & Nexon). Let’s see how the volumes in the segment shape up in 2018!

Clash of Titans – C Segment Sedans

Honda Cars in a recent press statement announced that its bestseller City has registered a sales of 62,573 units in full year 2017 and thus becoming the highest selling mid-size sedan during calendar year 2017! (Source) We did an analysis on the data and figured that City did overtake Ciaz by a mere 606 units! The competition was indeed stiff and City achieved the feat with a close margin. However, the segment has got very interesting – It combined contributed to 1,72,620 units in 2017 and contributed over 5% of overall passenger cars sales! Also interesting is the fact that the Top-2 sellers (City+Ciaz) contributed over 72% of the sales in the segment! Hyundai’s Verna has got mixed responses till now and the Dec’17 sales was way behind expectations! Only 1,953 Verna sold in Dec’17 and the numbers atleast are a setback for the Korean OEM. Hope it could re-surge in the coming months. Rapid & Verna combined could sell 20,158 units – Another interesting fact here is that the Rapid sells almost 51% more than the Vento!

See the Top 5 sellers of the segment for 2017 –

Bajaj Auto – Sales Performance

In our endeavor of covering more segments, we present you the latest analysis – Sales Performance of Bajaj Auto (both 2 Wheelers & Commercials). You may think on why are we presenting the analysis of Bajaj Auto in particular. There are 2 reasons for it –

  1. To highlight the Exports Contribution to the OEMs sales. Around 42% of Bajaj’s Auto Overall Sales came from Exports (Apr-Dec 17)!
  2. Commercial Vehicle (3W Load+Passenger) Sales of Bajaj Auto is on a roll! Bajaj Auto registered the highest ever sales (Domestic+Exports) for commercial vehicles in Dec’17!

Let’s see how the numbers fared in Dec’17 –

*Overall Commercial Vehicle sales was 63,785 units (YoY growth of 187.1% and all time highest volume in a month for Bajaj)

YTD Volumes –

Owing to a good Q3 Performance (Oct’17-Dec’17); it came as the best quarter in terms of Commercial Vehicle Sales for the OEM! However, Two Wheeler Sales was disappointing (specifically domestic market). Will review the model wise domestic sales later in the month.