Segment-wise Market Leaders – H1 FY20

While we have presented the segment-wise car sales data previously; we are happy to present the OEM-wise Market Leaders in the respective segments. All of us are aware that Maruti Suzuki has a lions share in all the segments; but is interesting to see how other OEMs are closing in to the Market Leader!

  • Maruti Suzuki is No.1 in 7 segments out of the 10 considered in the above graph! In Entry-hatch segment it has market share as high as 78%! Can any OEM beat that; probably No!
  • Hyundai enjoys the market dominance in Mid SUV category with its offering Creta! Only recently; the same has been toppled by sibling Seltos from Kia! Mid SUV is surely an interesting segment to watch for.
  • Executive Sedan is another segment where the leadership is divided between Maruti, Hyundai & Honda. While Maruti dominates; Hyundai & Honda are equally close!
  • Toyota undoubtedly rules the Premium SUV category with Fortuner and has a Market Share of 53% in the segment!
  • Also Compact SUV has grown the highest as a segment in recent years and Brezza has helped Maruti entry into the SUV makers list. However; Hyundai’s offering Venue has contested Maruti’s dominance and got a good enough competition to the model.

Passenger Cars Segments Trend Analysis

India has always been known as a hatchback (small car) dominated market and even the government policies have supported the fame. India was the birthground for sub-4m sedans and SUVs which were highly influenced by the policies. As on H1 FY20; 46% of the cars sales are from hatchback segment (Entry hatch, B & B+); while only 16% is from Sedans. SUVs now contribute for 24% of car sales & MUVs sales accumulate to 15% of the overall sales. Just to analyse how the trends have moved across the past few years we present the study –

Segment-wise Offerings considered for the analysis –

Trend Analysis –

  • Entry hatch as a segment has seen the biggest drop in past 5 years. Models such as Eon & Nano were discontinued.
  • B-segment has the biggest pie and infact one of the biggest list of models on sale. A lot of customers have upgraded from the basic Entry-hatch & B-segment to B+ and is a definitive projection of how the Indian customers have upgraded over time.
  • Sedans are losing sheen over time and the buyers are slowly migrating to the SUVs. Indian road conditions and the pride of owning a SUV (definitely due to road presence) are the factors affecting the change.
  • SUVs+MUVs contribute to 38% of the overall sales! Expect the trend to aggressively move up as all new OEMs are gunning behind these segments. Seltos, Hector, Triber, etc are testimony for it.

Indian Car Sales Figures – September 2019

OEM-wise Sales Snapshot –

Modelwise Car Sales Figures for Sep’19 –

Top 25 Selling Cars of September 2019 –

Segment Wise Sales Data – 

1. Entry Hatchback Segment:

2. Compact Hatchback Segment:

3. Premium Hatchback Segment:

4. Compact Sedan Segment:

5. Executive Sedan Segment:

6. Premium Sedan Segment:

7. Luxury Sedan Segment:

8. Compact SUV Segment:

9. Mid-SUV Segment:

10. Premium SUV Segment:

11. MUV Segment:

12. Van Segment:

13. Lifestyle Off-roader Segment:

Honda City emerges as the No.1 Selling Executive Sedan for Sep 2019!

We have not seen competition as fierce as that we see in this segment. All 3 contenders for the Top Slot don’t give it away easily – While Ciaz was the segment best seller for July’19; Verna was for Aug’19 and City for Sep’19! Also the gap between the Top 3 is minimal. In Sep’19; City outsold Verna by just 81 units and Verna outsold Ciaz by just 23 units! However; it is unfortunate that the segment volumes is decelerating by every passing month and any new entrant in the segment is not allowed at all (even likes of Toyota failed with their new launch here).

Monthwise Market Share Movement – H1 FY2019-20

We had recently presented the OEM-wise volumes for H1 FY20 v/s FY19 –

Over to the aforementioned data; we have dug deeper to understand the month wise fluctuations in the Market Share in the current FY and the analysis is as shown –

  • Maruti saw its highest Market Share drop in Aug’19 and had come below 48%! 3 out of 6 months in this FY; Maruti’s Market Share has stumbled below 50%!
  • Hyundai slowly and steadily gained Market Share with the help of Venue. The YTD MS has been over 18% and been one of the best of all times.
  • Kia gained over 3% Market Share in the first month of sales! Sustenance will be the key here for the brand.
  • MG impressively crossed 1% MS in Sep’19 and looks stronger with every passing month. The increase in production capacity will surely help it gain even better Market Share in future.