11 thoughts to “Best Selling Compact SUVs (<4m) & Crossovers of Jan'18”

  1. What do you consider S Cross as if neither and SUV nor Crossover. I believe BMW X1 would have made more sales than your 7th rank car still not in the list. Also missing was Jeep Compass

  2. Ecosports sales no. are either domestic or cumulative domestic n export? If these r cumulative no. Then why ecosports on no. 2?

  3. Always look forward to your reports. I see that you have detailed sales report because you could get the data for this post. Any reason why you are keeping eager people like us waiting πŸ™‚ Are you going to publish that too in a video πŸ™‚

    1. Hi! We do some due diligence before publishing the report and hence the delay. Trying to publish the modelwise report by tomorrow.

  4. i20 Active is not a compact SUV, its more of a crossover between hatchback and compact SUV – this segment has not got traction in India. Wonder why auto companies are still pursuing this segment. Inspite of the poor results of this <4 m cross over segment, Ford has now launched Lifestyle!! Surprising.

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