Etios All the Way… “Revolutionizing Quality”

                                  Toyota: Trying to reign the future of Indian Automobile Market

Toyota has always dominated the space it existed. Be it the premium sedan category with Corolla or the MUV space with Innova. Even its unexpected success child Fortuner has created a niche for itself; with a waiting period of almost 6 months – it has just altered the way Industry works. No-one ever saw such a huge demand for a 20-odd lakh SUV (which was already dominated by the likes of Captiva, Fortuner and CR-V). Although its Camry didn’t do great numbers, still it has a own fan following.

Along the years; Toyota has carved an unique recognition for itself – QUALITY. This is something that infuses fear amongst its competitors. Toyota has the potential to hit big in the market. And I say Toyota has taken a well thought-out strategy; i.e. understood the market well, created a name for itself, built a whole bunch of well-established dealers and most important of all – tuned itself according to the market requirements.

Now is the time Toyota needs to strike hard and without any flaw!!! They need to be well prepared for a long-run in this ever competitive mass market (which has the presence of the mighty Maruti to VW; from emerging Ford to reigning Hyundai). Toyota with its agency Dentsu has launched its communication of Q Promise. The most vital link in the Etios gameplan is the Toyota dealer. The company has raised the number of dealers from 40 to 60 and the number of sale and service points from 82 to 150 in the last two years. 

Toyota has a great time till now. The conversion of footfalls in Toyota dealerships is 32 per cent, way above the industry average of 20 per cent. It is due to the rigorous training of the Manpower – “Training is done to everybody in the dealership, even the doorman and the also attendant who serves tea!!”. Toyota spent the whole of 2007 researching the Indian market. Teams met different customers groups: Young people, old, single, married etc. Dealers were taken on board to get their feedback. In early 2008, Toyota finally said it would go ahead with the car. Since then, Narita Ke, the chief engineer of the Etios, has made innumerable trips to India, and lived with families here to understand their habits and needs. He observed, for instance, that all Indians are in a hurry to take off as soon as the traffic signal turns green; they therefore need that additional pick up. Similarly, a car has to be easy to park. Indians often accommodate three passengers on the back seat; so it is essential to give good comfort towards the rear of the car. The Etios, which has been developed in Japan, will “give a very good driving experience, very good space, high ground clearance and best-in-class fuel efficiency,” says Singh.

And recently Toyota Kirloskar Motor has roped in musician A R Rahman as its Brand Ambassador. Commenting on the signing up of Rahman, TKM Managing Director Hiroshi Nakagawa said: “There is a very strong connect between the product and its brand ambassador, with both being, ‘global’, ‘innovative’, ‘reliable’, and a ‘class- above quality’.” On his association with Toyota, Rahman said: “I believe real quality is created when skill meets dedication, when insight meets inspiration, when passion meets perfection. This is why I am happy to be associated with Toyota. The same values drive Toyota in whatever they do.”

Toyota has a lot in stakes with this product. they have indigeniously designed Etios keeping the Indian market in mind – pretty evident from the Etios logo!! The Sedan is all ready to be launched on December this year and the hatchback by March’2011. While Toyota is unraveling its intentions; we auto enthusiasts can just wait and hope for the best J
source: business standard

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