10 thoughts to “January 2018 Car Sales Snapshot – India”

  1. Surprisingly Honda is losing steam.. Apart from Tata/Ford none other have managed to shine as last year Jan sales were less due to Demonization effect. Shall wait to see how long FCA can ride on only one product, although I guess there are lots of people wanting to buy the compas but they are adopting a wait and watch strategy.

    1. Only two quality Tata products on Indian road hardly any of them has clocked 60K +on Odo.
      Too early to comment on that but yeah they are not doing weird experiments with designs like Mahindra and looking for long lasting developments like engine, global design quo. They are now behaving like a international brand. Thanks to JLR take over.

    2. Service network needs to be improved. I had got service from tata tago but in three services noice of window glass could not be repaired. Moti Nagar new Delhi service center kept me waiting two hours for Number plate implant which is hardly 10 minute job. Tool for fixing was awailabe for 2 hours. I was forced to purchase costly accessories. I was made to Purchase worth Just Rs. 2000/- Fog Lamp for Rs.15000/-. I change service centre. More over dented bumper car was handed over by pasting sticker on dent. So cunning service centres. Such kind of things has made bad image of Company. Tata should start it’s own service network as Maruti Suzuki Nexa.

  2. Tata is on the right track, finally.
    Nexon is a wonder car and will win hearts for Tata. It will easily sell more than 10k units per month once the amt is launched.

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