Passenger Cars Segments Trend Analysis

India has always been known as a hatchback (small car) dominated market and even the government policies have supported the fame. India was the birthground for sub-4m sedans and SUVs which were highly influenced by the policies. As on H1 FY20; 46% of the cars sales are from hatchback segment (Entry hatch, B & B+); while only 16% is from Sedans. SUVs now contribute for 24% of car sales & MUVs sales accumulate to 15% of the overall sales. Just to analyse how the trends have moved across the past few years we present the study –

Segment-wise Offerings considered for the analysis –

Trend Analysis –

  • Entry hatch as a segment has seen the biggest drop in past 5 years. Models such as Eon & Nano were discontinued.
  • B-segment has the biggest pie and infact one of the biggest list of models on sale. A lot of customers have upgraded from the basic Entry-hatch & B-segment to B+ and is a definitive projection of how the Indian customers have upgraded over time.
  • Sedans are losing sheen over time and the buyers are slowly migrating to the SUVs. Indian road conditions and the pride of owning a SUV (definitely due to road presence) are the factors affecting the change.
  • SUVs+MUVs contribute to 38% of the overall sales! Expect the trend to aggressively move up as all new OEMs are gunning behind these segments. Seltos, Hector, Triber, etc are testimony for it.