Segment-wise Market Leaders – H1 FY20

While we have presented the segment-wise car sales data previously; we are happy to present the OEM-wise Market Leaders in the respective segments. All of us are aware that Maruti Suzuki has a lions share in all the segments; but is interesting to see how other OEMs are closing in to the Market Leader!

  • Maruti Suzuki is No.1 in 7 segments out of the 10 considered in the above graph! In Entry-hatch segment it has market share as high as 78%! Can any OEM beat that; probably No!
  • Hyundai enjoys the market dominance in Mid SUV category with its offering Creta! Only recently; the same has been toppled by sibling Seltos from Kia! Mid SUV is surely an interesting segment to watch for.
  • Executive Sedan is another segment where the leadership is divided between Maruti, Hyundai & Honda. While Maruti dominates; Hyundai & Honda are equally close!
  • Toyota undoubtedly rules the Premium SUV category with Fortuner and has a Market Share of 53% in the segment!
  • Also Compact SUV has grown the highest as a segment in recent years and Brezza has helped Maruti entry into the SUV makers list. However; Hyundai’s offering Venue has contested Maruti’s dominance and got a good enough competition to the model.