Top 25 Cars Exported Cars from India in FY2020

Over 6.7 Lakh Passenger Vehicles were exported from India in FY2019-20 and Top 25 exported vehicles contributed to 93% of the exports!

  • Ford’s Ecosport topped the list with export of over 88k units in FY2019-20. Ecosport has consistently been India’s most exported vehicle for quite some years now. Even in FY19; Ecosport was the highest exported car from India. Made in India Ford cars are exported to over 50 countries across Europe, Middle-East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and to emerging markets in North America as well as in Australia.
  • GM India primarily remains as an export player with manufacturing plant in Talegaon, Maharashtra. It exported a total of 69,933 Beat hatchbacks, down 9.6% YoY. This is the only model the company produces at the plant, which has huge idle capacity. GM exports the Beat primarily to the Latin American countries.
  • Nissan Motor India – once a strong exporter has only 1 model in the Top 20. The Sunny Sedan makes up the bulk of its export, with 66,667 units and grew 62.9% YoY.
  • Taking prime position in Hyundai Motor India’s exports is the Verna sedan, with shipments of 60,065 units and accounting for 35.36% of the company’s overall exports. Hyundai India currently exports to over 91 countries across Africa, Middle-East, Latin America, Australia and Asia Pacific. While there is a high demand for the Grand i10 and i20 in Africa and Latin America, the Verna is a popular model in the Middle East.
  • India’s Passenger Vehicle market leader Maruti Suzuki is at third position in the export list with shipments of 1,00,294 units (link). And Baleno was Maruti’s highest exported model in FY2020.
  • Kia makes an entry into the Top 10 of this list too! Seltos was the 10th most exported vehicle from India in FY2020. Kia was able to export over 21k units of Seltos in the past 8 months of its operation in India.

Indian Two Wheeler Sales Figures – FY2020

55,66,036 Scooters, 1,12,14,640 Motorcycles and 6,36,940 scooters were sold in FY2019-20.

The overall two wheeler industry degrew by -18% in FY2019-20 v/s FY2018-19. In terms of volumes; Motorcycles still command twice the numbers of Scooters sold in the Indian market. Even in FY20; 64% of Two Wheelers sold in India were Motorcycles.

OEM-wise Sales Snapshot:

Two Wheeler Modelwise Sales for FY2019-20:

Top 10 Selling Motorcycles:

Top 10 Selling Scooters:

Best Selling Two Wheelers for March 2020 – India

Top 20 Two Wheelers sold over 8 Lakh units in March 2020 and contributed to over 92% of Two Wheeler Sales for the month!

  • In March 2020; 2.63 Lakh scooters, 5.7 Lakh motorcycles and 32k Mopeds were sold in India. Among this Top 20 Two Wheelers contributed to a sale of 8,00,266 units v/s overall Two Wheelers sales of 8,66,849 units.
  • Top 20 Two Wheelers had 11 Motorcycles, 8 Scooters and 1 Moped faring in the list. Hero’s Splendor & HF Deluxe Motorcycles were able to overtake Honda Activa’s sales numbers in March 2020.
  • Honda’s Shine and Dio has seen major spurt in YoY sales. While Shine emerged as the 4th best selling two wheeler; Dio overtook the likes of Jupiter & Access to become the second best selling scooter for March 2020!