4742 units of XUV300 set the roads on fire in Mar’19!

Mahindra launched the XUV300 in Feb’19 and a lot is riding on this model to cement M&M as the third biggest OEM in the Indian market for FY20 (Apr’19-Mar’20). M&M sold an impressive 4,484 units in the first month of the launch itself and overtook the likes of Ford’s Ecosport & Honda’s WRV. It was able to repeat the feat in Mar’19 and sold a staggering 4,742 nos which was much higher than the sales of Ecosport (4,241 nos) & WRV (2,552 nos). However; a spurt is seen in Nexon’s sales and the model has now continuously sold >5k units for three months in a row! Post the announcement of 5-star safety rating in the NCAP tests; Nexon’s acceptability has shot up significantly and the same is seen in its sales volumes.

We have compiled the sales figures of the Compact SUVs (<4 meters) and is as shown –

  • The overall segment grew by 6% YoY and was supported by additional volumes from XUV300 this year.
  • Nexon has shown an impressive sales growth and grew 27% YoY which was highest in the segment! Looks like people are now considering ‘Kitni Safe Hai’ seriously.
  • Brezza continues its success run and sold over 14k units. Such kind of volumes with only Diesel option is unbelievable and only Maruti can do it!
  • WRV is slowly being pushed down the table and it recorded a de-growth of -42% YoY. Similar fate being experienced by the TUV300 too and the model is just not able to compete with its sibling XUV300.

With Hyundai launching the Venue in May’19; the competition is going to be even more intense and cut throat. We expect the overall segment to grow double digit this year and give the required volume boost to its respective OEMs.

3 thoughts to “4742 units of XUV300 set the roads on fire in Mar’19!”

  1. Compact SUV Segment is such an interesting segment…it’s still has more potential to grow to even hurt premium hatchbacks

    For 4 years,it was ruled by FES (ford ecosport) ,it was time we all auto enthusiasts and auto sector analysts..all along wondered for years why Maruti and Hyundai who command 65-68% of Market share lost an opportunity here.

    All changed in Auto-expo 2016,Brezza was shown,by March 2016,it was launched,subsequently deliverers followed such was the impact that Ford had to slash Fes prices by 90k.

    Brezza has clocked over 4 Lakh sales,so has Fes also from its launch.

    It was time that Hyundai,Tata,Mahindra enter into this growing segment,Honda & Renault will follow surely.

    Brezza clicked well with mass Indian customer & Maruti badge,eventually from waiting periods now,it’s none..thus it’s rather advantage for Msil india,they already had production constraints.

    It will be interesting to see if Xuv300 is selling more in petrol…viz a viz Diesel.

    Diesel Xuv300 is way overpriced,falls in territory of Fes.

    Still,this segment is searching for a proper petrol or a Cvt here is where Honda missed a great chance,with a city petrol engine in Cvt /MT Wrv would have taken petrol sales honour.

    Hyundai Being last in this segment,with connected cars,smart cars hype,has lot riding on it,but surely will canabalise creta 1.4 sales,as creta 1.4 variants are poorly crafted viz a viz 1.6.

    My assessment is ,Venue will take the 2nd spot,as is the case with I-10 grand vs Swift & Baleno Vs I-20.

    Hyundai already has 3 (I-10,I-20 & creta in 10k around plus sale bracket) even HMIL would expect 7-9k units sales monthly (getting it from Wrv,Nexon) then Fes and Xuv300.

    Having known and seen hmil ,If venue is priced around 50-70k expensive than segment leader brezza,a proper petrol and amt unit we can have Venue blockbuster in making.

    For Msil india,they will not panic,as it’s good customers have options,reduces the burden on brand,Xuv300 honeymoon will get over in 6 months,timing of Venue launch is best what MSIL india wanted…it’s a election year plus with regulations coming and Ev shift,Bs6 shift this will be a tough year for all manufactures.

    Msil is expected to update brezza expect a mid cycle minor Facelift to update it to new the launches,then,of course petrol and 1.5 ddis is way forward.

    This segment,It’s difficult to lodge Brezza as no.1,price and no waiting and discounts are working in its favour.

    Coming ahead I see :

    No.1 Brezza ,followed by Venue,then Nexon,Xuv300,Fes,Wrv…!!

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