Auto Punditz YouTube Video Series – GST Study

At Auto Punditz; we have always strived to do something better and different than other automotive websites. A lot of our readers have been asking us to venture into YouTube videos – Thus, we wanted to ensure we do it the Auto Punditz way! We have collated the series of YouTube videos that we’ve made on the GST structure in India, GST collection from new mass market passenger cars sales in 2018 and 2019. Hope you like the videos and subscribe our channel. Do like it and feel free to comment your views.

Part 1 – Estimates of GST collection from new mass market passenger car sales in 2018 & 2019

Part 2 – Explaining the GST Structure in India

Part 3 – GST collection basis the body style and the model contributing the highest GST in India

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One thought to “Auto Punditz YouTube Video Series – GST Study”

  1. Hello, Can you make an article on Imported cars customs declared value, taxes and ex-showroom pricing?
    I observed some strange data on Zauba with Volvo declaring very low value to customs for their imports. The likes of V90 are declared around 12L. Maybe you understand better. Would be good to know how things work on that front.

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