Baleno was the Best Selling Car of December 2019!

The Top 10 cars sold 1,21,716 units combined which contributed to almost 52% of the overall cars sold in December 2019!

  • Baleno did what we had predicted since a very long time – Baleno became the best selling car for December 2019! Infact Baleno+Glanza sold a whopping 20,084 units which was almost 4.5k units more than the second best seller Alto!
  • Alto came in second with ~15.5k units oversold the likes of Dzire & Swift. However; Alto emerged as the Best Selling Car for Year 2019 with sale of 2,08,087 units. Dzire came second for the Calendar Year 2019 with sale of 1,98,904 units.
  • In overall; 8 Maruti cars fared in the Top 10 and 2 Hyundai cars gained entry in the list. Kia was ousted as Seltos sold a below par 4,645 units and rather ranked 19th in the overall car sales.

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