Top 10 Selling Cars – August 2018


  • The Top 10 selling cars of Aug’18 remain the same as July’18 (only the order may vary).
  • Alto dethrones Dzire from the Numero Uno spot after 4 months! The previous time Alto had sold more than Dzire was in Mar’18. Also drop in Dzire volumes could be attributed to success of the New Amaze?
  • Swift nears Dzire volumes and continues to perform well.
  • Baleno undoubtedly has been supporting Nexa as a brand. Infact, Baleno contributes ~62% of Nexa’s sales in India!
  • Wagon-R has been the age old workhorse for Maruti and shows no sign of slowing down. The tallboy Maruti vehicle has practically no competition as on date and probably the upcoming Santro can stand as a suitable option in near future.
  • Brezza’s numbers has been growing month on month and has single-handedly moved Maruti as a major UV maker!
  • Grand i10, i20 & Creta have again sealed the No.7,8&9th spot for Hyundai. The Korean major has no intentions on giving off these spots to any other model.
  • Amaze places itself into the Top 10 selling cars for the THIRD consecutive month. It is nothing short of a monumental achievement for the Japanese OEM.

August 2018 Car Sales – Snapshot

We have been consistently trying to interpret the data more accurately and are bringing newer additions/changes to the reports we share on a monthly basis. This month for the OEM-wise car sales snapshot; we have bifurcated Maruti & Nexa volumes. Though the bifurcation is debatable as the parent OEM of both brands are same; however the dealer channel and models are clearly different. Also the growth pattern is varied – Ex: In Aug’18; while Maruti degrew -5.3% YoY, Nexa grew 3.4%. Also note that Nexa models alone contribute to a staggering 10.2% Market Share! Infact; Nexa’s Market Share has grown 0.6% YoY v/s Maruti’s YoY Market Share drop of -1.1%! In totality, Maruti + Nexa Market Share is still >50% (51.6% to be precise) and both brands together are shaping the parent OEMs dominance pretty well.

Aug’18 was a tough month for car makers – With devastating floods in one of the biggest automobile market (Kerala); even OEMs weren’t prepared on how to tackle the calamity. Do note that Maruti has the highest market share (59%) in Kerala amongst all South Indian states. The scenario remains the same for many other OEMs as well. Hence, any drop in Kerala volumes is reflected in the national volumes. Unfortunately, the catastrophe occurred during the biggest festival of the year for Kerala (Onam) and the loss of life & property was undescribable.

In Aug’18; apart from Nexa, Tata, Toyota & Ford no OEMs registered a YoY growth. The upcoming festive season remains the biggest hope for the automobile sector. Sep’18 has Krishna Janmashtami & Ganesha Chaturthi to elate the festive mood.

Statewise Car Sales – Q1 FY19

We have been trying to understand the state-wise car sales statistics and were able to cover since FY17 extensively. As shared earlier in our posts, the vast diversity of the sub-continent is evident in the car sales and the Market Share varies surprisingly as well. Yes, you read it right! This time we have gone a step ahead and tried to cover the market reach data for top 2 OEMs. Before jumping on to the numbers, would like to explain the complexity of our market and want to highlight these points –

  • India has 33 states (as per the consideration here & includes the Union Territories such as Pondicherry, etc)
  • Maharashtra alone contributes to ~10% of national volumes!
  • East Zone has highest number of states (13), but volume contribution is the least in 4 Zones
  • In terms of land area, Rajasthan stands No. 1 in India (source). However in terms of Passenger Vehicle (PV) sales, it Ranks 9th! Trivia – Rajasthan is bigger than Oman in terms of area!
  • In Q1 FY19, Mizoram has witnessed the highest YoY growth (70%) in India!
  • Passenger Car industry has grown a healthy 19.92% in Q1 FY19 v/s Q1 FY18! East Zone grew the highest at 27%

Statewise Passenger Cars Sales Data for Apr’18-June’18 (Q1) –

Please Note:

  1. The Zones have been ranked as per volumes. West is ranked 1 and is just marginally (2944 units) ahead from North Zone which is ranked 2nd!
  2. In Every Zone, the States have been sorted as per their volumes. Ex: Kerala is the first state in South Zone (as it has the highest volume in the Zone for Q1)
  3. Industry Comparison with the same period Last Year done as well to understand the state’s and region’s performance. YoY growth of those states has been highlighted whose growth was lower than their respective average. Ex: Tripura grew 26% and is highlighted in red as the growth was lower than East Zone’s YoY growth rate of 27%.

Ranking of States basis volumes:

  • The 33 states have been ranked as per H1 volumes
  • Every state’s contribution to All India volumes have been calculated as well
  • Top 10 states contributed to ~70% of the national volumes. And Top 5 states contributed to ~42% of National Volumes. This is also an excellent indicator of statewise variance in terms of car sales.

  • Maruti + Hyundai contributes to 68.36% of passenger vehicle sales in India. Maruti alone contributes to 52.6% of passenger vehicle sales!
  • In Jammu & Kashmir, Maruti + Hyundai’s Market Share was a mind boggling 83%.
  • In terms of Zone-wise presence – Maruti has the least market share in East Zone & Hyundai has the lowest Market Share in South Zone!
  • Hyundai has single digit Market Shares only in 2 markets – Nagaland & Andaman!

Consumer Scheme / Discounts for August 2018

A lot of our readers are researching regarding the sales performance of the cars in their consideration list. To ease their buying decision, we have initiated a post that shall consolidate the consumer scheme / discounts / offers available on the models of the respective OEMs.










Terms & Conditions –

Offer on Select Model Variants of MY 2018 Stock..
Offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer.
Offer will vary depending on the brand and model purchased and may vary from city to city.
Contact your nearest dealer for exact details.
Terms of the offer may be altered/amended/withdrawn without prior notice.
Limited Period Offer on Select Model Variants.
Offer Scheme based in Delhi, NCR