August 2018 Car Sales – Snapshot

We have been consistently trying to interpret the data more accurately and are bringing newer additions/changes to the reports we share on a monthly basis. This month for the OEM-wise car sales snapshot; we have bifurcated Maruti & Nexa volumes. Though the bifurcation is debatable as the parent OEM of both brands are same; however the dealer channel and models are clearly different. Also the growth pattern is varied – Ex: In Aug’18; while Maruti degrew -5.3% YoY, Nexa grew 3.4%. Also note that Nexa models alone contribute to a staggering 10.2% Market Share! Infact; Nexa’s Market Share has grown 0.6% YoY v/s Maruti’s YoY Market Share drop of -1.1%! In totality, Maruti + Nexa Market Share is still >50% (51.6% to be precise) and both brands together are shaping the parent OEMs dominance pretty well.

Aug’18 was a tough month for car makers – With devastating floods in one of the biggest automobile market (Kerala); even OEMs weren’t prepared on how to tackle the calamity. Do note that Maruti has the highest market share (59%) in Kerala amongst all South Indian states. The scenario remains the same for many other OEMs as well. Hence, any drop in Kerala volumes is reflected in the national volumes. Unfortunately, the catastrophe occurred during the biggest festival of the year for Kerala (Onam) and the loss of life & property was undescribable.

In Aug’18; apart from Nexa, Tata, Toyota & Ford no OEMs registered a YoY growth. The upcoming festive season remains the biggest hope for the automobile sector. Sep’18 has Krishna Janmashtami & Ganesha Chaturthi to elate the festive mood.

13 thoughts to “August 2018 Car Sales – Snapshot”

  1. Its doesnt make any sense to seperate Nexa
    Its just a dealership, no a different brand.
    So wht if sales are diff, gorwth is different
    Each model has diff sales n growth.

  2. We really appreciate what you guys are doing, but it really gives a wrong statics if you show NEXA as OEM !!! NEXA is neither a manufacturer and nor a OEM ! its not even a car brand ! its just a showroom network name ! you are showing datsun within NISSAN and showing NEXA as OEM ?

    1. Clever marketing strategy by Nexa guys and I agree with you. Autopunditz just lost their genuine efforts and went the “Nexa” way!!

  3. Thanks for the report.
    I don’t think Nexa can be considered as a separate brand. It’s just a sales channel, just a name of the showroom. They are not selling cars from a different segment or a different (premium) brand.

  4. Nexa is an outlet for customers, who don’t want to be seen shopping for a car – in the same place as someone else trying to buy a Maruti 800 / Omni, but still prefers a car based only based on “Kitne deti hain”

  5. I think splitting Maruti and Nexa is a mistake, what matters here is the strength of the company in terms of sales, market share and their ability to invest etc. what isn’t important is which of the dealerships MSIL decide to place a particular model (carrying the same visual branding in) such as when Ciaz was moved from Maruti to Nexa.

  6. Thanks for the split of Nexa, I can see the significance like
    – Now brand NEXA is the third largest car maker in India.
    – There is a huge gap between 3rd and 4th spot in terms of numbers
    – While there is a reduction in sales number of Maruti with more than 10+ models, on the other hand Nexa is expanding rapidly with just 4 cars in their portfolio (though Ignis and S cross are not super hit)

  7. This clearly makes sense. Autopunditz guys are going the Nexa way. I thought these guys were genuine. Whatever genuine works they’ve done are completely smashed because of this “Nexa” thing by them. Clever Maruti.. cunning marketing strategy as usual.

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