Best Selling SUVs, MUVs & Compact Sedans of Sep’18

List of Best Selling Compact Sedans:

List of Best Selling SUVs:

List of Best Selling MUVs:

5 thoughts to “Best Selling SUVs, MUVs & Compact Sedans of Sep’18”

  1. VW aspire and Ford Ameo? It should be other way around. Please check and correct the compact sedan list. These 2 models are incorrectly listed

    1. Hi Ramdas! You are right, Etios in terms of length shouldn’t be classified as Compact Sedan. However, we publish the data basis the customers’ consideration set. Ex: Etios customer shall majorly consider a Dzire, Amaze or Xcent (not City, Ciaz or Verna). Hence classification is done basis consideration set.

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