Indian 2 Wheeler Sales Figures – March 2018

15 thoughts to “Indian 2 Wheeler Sales Figures – March 2018”

    1. Is it a command or request? It would have been nicer to add a “please” in that sentence giving value to their work.

  1. great report admin
    what do you guys think about the future of Suzuki two wheeler
    after the new launches
    intruder and burgman
    i personally think no matter what they launch they need a mass level product first.

  2. Do you have the complete break up of all Pulsar and Apache variants?
    It should be an interesting read as the difference now is very minimal 53K vs 46K?
    Believe the NS+RS numbers are dismal whereas RTR 4V 200+160 would be higher.
    Bajaj seems to be losing the plot in every segment.

  3. ABS rules are not publicized well by the media. Two wheeler lobbies seem to be working hard. Not sure why the likes of Bajaj are still launching non ABS models in the above 125cc market. Today there is one launch of Pulsar 150 with twin discs and no ABS. At least TVS is showing some respect to safety of riders by offering dual channel ABS instead of single channel ABS in models with ABS.

  4. It seems that Dominor loosing month after month after their new series of ads.
    The Activa losing the edge and seems that Dio is eating its share !!!

  5. dominar 1561
    ktm 3635
    v 4115
    avenger 10622
    discover 14140
    platina 34758
    ct 36601
    pulsar 53507

    I foresee that V might get dropped after all the hype. Pity as V15 was good – they just didn’t need V12.

    1. Agree with you. With less fuel efficiency and no front disc brake, it does not pose a threat to the competitors. People can easily ignore it despite it’s uniqueness in the 125cc segment

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