State-wise 2 Wheeler Sales Statistics – India

Similar to Region-wise sales data which was published previously for cars (link); find here the 2 wheeler sales data. Much to our surprise; we saw significant variance in the state statistics of 2 wheeler sales when compared to cars.


  • The 2 wheeler Industry had a double digit growth of 10% in the first half of the Financial Year 2016-17. 2 wheeler sales is poised to cross 1 crore units this FY!
  • West emerged as the Top Zone and contributed to over 30% of the national sales volume. It also grew by 30% in the second quarter.
  • South was close and lost out to West in the second quarter. Tamil Nadu emerged to be the biggest market in South Zone.
  • North saw a dip in overall volumes in Q2 and stood 3rd in overall Zone-wise ranking.

A look at %Contribution to the State’s numbers and Country’s volume –


Take a look at the Rank of these states basis H1 sales statistics (4wh sales rank also mentioned for comparison) –


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  1. car & bike Region-wise sales data appreciable post similar if commercial vehicle data i.e bus & truck region -wise posted then complete story of auto industry effectively measure in term of industry potential

  2. Those are some solid figures. Where can I possibly get the state wise two-wheeler sales for the entire fiscal year 2016?

  3. Hi ..Great work!!! Could you please share State wise H2 sales (Oct’16 – Mar’17) data for motorcycles.
    Thanks in advance

  4. Hi May I know that State Wise 2 Wheeler Sales for Oct-2016 till June-2017 available? May I know where the figures from?

  5. Hello

    Can you please provide me with city wise sales statistics in most two wheelers sold states of India.
    Much appreciable. Thanks in advance

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