May 2017 Car Sales – Snapshot

While the Industry was facing the heat of implementation of GST; only Toyota & VW (among the mass market brands) de-grew in May’17. Also the time couldn’t have been tougher for the luxury brands – From Demonetization to GST the ride has been very volatile for the Premium Auto Makers. May’16 also marks the exit and hence the sudden decline of the sales of General Motors (even then it posted figures more than that of Fiat!).

9 thoughts to “May 2017 Car Sales – Snapshot”

  1. It seems that people are not giving any chance to European or American carmakers.GM is now only the export player,all dealers operating in the domestic market are on the verge of bankruptcy.VW,Skoda and even Renault are also in the danger of extinction.India is poised to become the third largest car market after China and US in 2020,it would be interesting to know the exact value of the car market,though analysis depicts that only Maruti Suzuki ,Hyundai and Toyota will survive.For others it is definitely an alarming sign to change their strategy.If they are failed to catch up now then its definitely a pack up for them.

  2. The departure of GM from Indian domestic market will have a far reaching consequence on the other new foreign brands struggling to find a foot hold in the burgeoning Indian market.
    The Son of the Soil Tata could be the greatest gainer from the lack of Trust factor now.

  3. Can I get the individual cars sales data for the month of May 2017 of all auto companies and especially hexa, innova and xuv

  4. Can anyone help me with the model wise sales statistics of premium brands? Where can I find them?

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