Indian 2 Wheeler Sales Figures – Aug 2016

Source: AutocarPro

Model-wise Sales Statistics:


Top 25 Two Wheelers for Aug 2016 –


23 thoughts to “Indian 2 Wheeler Sales Figures – Aug 2016”

  1. Hi Admin,

    Is it possible to get the data that has been out here in excel sheet? Would be helpful if it can be emailed to me.


          1. Thank you Sir for the response.

            In the chart displaying data with heading: “Top 25 Two Wheelers for Aug 2016”, the column names are ‘June’16’ and ‘June’15’. Shouldn’t it be Aug’16 and Aug’15?


      1. Hi Admin,

        Do you data on production of 2 wheeler models of different OEMs for FY14, FY15, FY16 and YTDFY17 (sept 2016). If yes, Please mail it.


  2. Hi Admin,

    Can you please help me with data of sales from march to october 2016 in excel sheet. Please send me on my email. I need this for my academic research in automobile industry. Thanks

  3. Hi great data…Can you please send me the data on an excel sheet..

    Secondly do you have OEM wise data broken up by region/ states/ cities?

  4. Hello Admin,

    Might not be the right thread but can i get the excel for the 2 -w sales; modelwise; manuf wise; monthwise ( Apr’16 – Feb’17).
    Thanks in anticipation

  5. Hi Admin,
    Is it possible to get excel for 3 year sales; model wise; manufacture wise;( Apr’16 – Feb’17).
    I need it for my academic research.
    Thanks in advance

      1. Hi Admin,
        Apology for again disturbing you.I was looking for sales figure of Royal Enfield city wise/geography for last 3 year,will it be possible to get data?
        Thanks in Advance.

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