Indian 2 Wheeler Sales Figures – July 2019

Two Wheeler Sales Snapshot for July 2019 –

Market Share Analysis –

Model-wise Sales Figures –

Top Selling Motorcycles –

Top Selling Scooters –

10 thoughts to “Indian 2 Wheeler Sales Figures – July 2019”

  1. How it’s possible that Avenger 180 still managed to sell 4468 unit?? It’s officially discontinue..even hero Xtreme is also discontinued but you listed them….why?? In this list we can see lots of discontinued models like Karizma, cbr 150R, unicorn 160, v15,v12, discover 150, Avenger 180cc, Avenger 150cc, Xtreme sport, cb twister, Yamaha sz, etc…… it’s a humble request to you that above mentioned vehicles are discontinued a long time before.. please remove that as listed them on current list doesn’t make any sense..

  2. I guess Honda will be happy with that, ‘only’ a 10% drop means a circa 7% increase in their market share (28->30%). If they maintain that when the market bounces back they’ll be in a decent place to start to properly challenge Hero’s dominance. If they could bring in a two wheeler to challenge the Splendor they could really grow.

  3. You should also make a separte data table showing top bike manufacturers so that scooter contribution can be seen in every manufacturer sales data.

  4. Dominar continues to give a drub performance. 1300+ consistent sales compared to an ambitious target of 10000 units per month.
    On the other hand RE650 twins are doing good for their price range. They offer great value for money and with many buyers like me waiting to purchase in the near future, its sales should increase further. Bajaj lost the game with a value for money product with their immature product positioning and lack of customer care/service quality.

    1. The problem was not with the customer care/service quality; if then RE would never sell, right? RE is having one of the worst A.S.S in the industry.

      The problem was with the marketing/branding dept.

  5. Ntorq is the only product from tvs still growing strong. Hope Tvs takes cues from it on what to aim for during product development. Something radical, revolution in the segment yet still bang for buck value. Not run of the mill products like from Hero.

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