Indian 2 Wheeler Sales Figures – March 2019

Model-wise Sales Figures –

Top Selling Motorcycles –

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2 thoughts to “Indian 2 Wheeler Sales Figures – March 2019”

  1. What might be the reasons for the sudden fall in the sales of Honda Motorcycles.If you dwell on that it would be very informative.

  2. Yes there is drop in 2w sales across the segment.
    As far Honda is considered there is big drop in March. In my opinion this is mainly due to the consideration from OEM to reduce the inventory levels at dealer end. Inventories are sky high at dealerships. Almost everyone is bleeding. So this drop is inline with market.
    In other way there are not much new platform launches from Honda. Last 2 years it is playing with facelifts and outer look change like Gracia from Activa 125.
    Reasons may be the preparation for BSVI. Instead of taking too many decisions it is time to keep calm kind of situation

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