Indian Car Sales Figures – December 2016



  • Chevrolet’s Enjoy crosses 1,000 for the second time in this year. It also overtook the breadwinners (Tavera & Beat) for Chevy. The rationalization of price for this model has worked well and the result is visible. (PS: We suspect majority of the Enjoy’s being sold in Taxis as well)
  • Fiat is yet again clueless on its strategy and is finding it extremely hard to sustain whatever volumes it’s currently doing. Recently they have announced a revision on the prices of Punto Evo & Linea – While both the products will offer attractive price proposition; consumer acceptance will still remain a challenge.
  • Ford’s Aspire did the highest numbers in Dec’16 in this calendar year! But Ecosport’s dip is beyond understanding. Also Endeavor posted its all-time highest sales. Quite a confusing month from Ford!
  • BRV’s volume jumped 4 times in Dec’16 compared to Nov’16. Honda had announced offers upto Rs.1 Lakh on the BRV in Dec’16 – we expect the deal saved the day for Honda. Amaze has started doing well for the Japanese car maker and overtook City’s volumes in Dec’16. However, with the updated City in pipeline we foresee the marquee to jump back to dominance in coming months.
  • Nissan still doesn’t seem ‘redi’ for the Indian market. While Kwid is working wonders for Renault, its cousin Redi-GO seems to be failing.
  • Tata is now doing good with Zest & Tiago. But, the volume sellers – Indica and Indigo have scaled down significantly. Tata’s need to realize that all cylinder’s have to fire to extract best performance (i.e. all models have to do good numbers).

A look at Top 25 selling brands –


11 out of Top 25 belong from Maruti+Nexa –


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    1. We would recommend the Maruti Ertiga – best value for money and will also provide comfortable city drive. Do explore the Honda BRV as well (if you could stretch your budget).

      1. How about the Lodgy compared to Ertiga in the Diesel Segment?
        Lodgy STD is the same price as Ertiga LDI.

        1. Maruti After-Sales Service Reliability, Better Resale and Ertiga’s brand equity works in favour of the brand. (PS: Lodgy definitely is a much spacious car)

  1. Maruti’s domination in Indian auto industry is well known, What will be the impact after their new Manufacturing facility to start producing cars in this quarter? Where Maruti will stand in top 10 and top 25? Other manufacturers wil get affected? Admin can write an article about that subject.

    1. We believe Tiago is the best car in the mentioned price range (and in terms of overall ride, performance, features and comfort).

    1. Thar is sold under 2 categories – Thar Crde & Thar Di. While Thar Crde is used for lifestyle purposes (personal usage); Di variant is primarily sold under commercial segment. We do not have the exact bifurcation of the variant sales and hence do not list here (passenger car data).

  2. Figures gives little bit idea that customers now moving towards semi luxury segment from budgeted car segment, among that segment only swift able to sustain its figures,
    In short customers buying power increased which is good sign for future economy and in aftermarket repairing work will increase In budget segment cars which is good opportunity for workshop owners.
    OEM service stations will remain in pressure for increase maximum footfall at authorised workshops.
    Overall Positive news of 2017 for Aftermarket ancillary companies.

  3. Hi Admin – please help me choose between Brezza zdi vs. Duster RXL (manual)

    Which one would you recommend considering I’m getting significant discount of 1.5L on Duster vs no discount on Brezza.

    Brezza zdi will cost me approx 10.20 L on road and Duster will be approx 11.50. Brezza will be 2017 model and Duster will be 2016 model.


    1. Hi Himanshu! Would recommend the Renault Duster. The reasons being –
      1. It is a proper SUV and is much more spacious than Brezza.
      2. Duster is niggle-free, tried & tested and even the DCI (Diesel) engine is one of the best diesel engines available in market.
      3. It has a good resale as well
      But you would miss out on the goodies (features) as you’d be opting the RxL variant. Hence, unless gizmos matter – you can opt for the Duster.

  4. The ranking of brands doesn’t look relevant. For example Honda City (sedan) sales is compared with Toyota Innova(minivan). A better option would have been total numbers of each manufacturer

  5. Dear Admin Sir, I want to launch cab services in Jamshedpur. I want to keep the initial budget low for time being. Can you guide sir which car and car segment will be fine to start with.Please guide.

    1. Hi. Would recommend the Tata Indica (tried and tested workhorse) if you opt for a hatchback. Or do consider the Maruti Dzire if a Sedan is being opted.

    1. Although on paper Ford Titanium is a much better car (in terms of space, performance, looks and handling); we would recommend the Dzire. The reasons to choose the Dzire over an Aspire would be –
      1. Hassle-free service at Maruti Authorized Workshops (better compared to that of Ford’s)
      2. Much much better Resale value of Dzire. Maruti undoubtedly commands a much better resale in the market. As the car ownership lifecycle is decreasing, Resale is becoming a much important factor these days.
      3. Interiors of Dzire is a notch above of Aspire’s (this depends on individual and is subjective).
      Do drive both the cars once and figure out which you like better before finalizing your purchase.

        1. The engine configuration of the upcoming model remains the same as that of current one. The major differences lie in the exterior looks and features (which purely depends on one’s individual choice). Also the upcoming model will be priced significantly higher than the current one. So, if you are looking for a good deal/bargain negotiate the deal for the current model. Or else if looks and features excite you more, wait for the update.

  6. Hi Can you provide us with sales figures for medium & Heavy commercial vehicles also-that is where we can figure our where the economy is really heading.

    1. Hi Saravanan! BRV is currently the best bet in Automatic 7 seater SUV (considering the CVT transmission). As of date the options you have in the segment are: XUV, Crysta & Hexa. If you are continuously driving in city traffic and ease of driving matters (more than performance); then BRV is the most suitable choice (and also the most fuel efficient of the lot).

      1. Hi, I am Planning to buy BRV – Petrol- MT, Can you tel me what are the plus and negative points of car.
        In SUV range can I compare it with XUV 500 & Other 7-8 seater ?

        1. Hi Mahendra. BRV is more of a family car rather than a SUV. Do find mentioned the Pros & Cons here:
          Pros – Tonnes of space inside the car, driveability and parking is a breeze in city conditions, mileage is better than other cars in the segment, most value for money 7-seater today and obviously the Honda reliability.
          Cons – Looks & Drives like a car more than a SUV, low seating position, side looks, second row cushioning and low on features.

  7. Dear Admin I am looking for better suspension vehicle and next priority is mileage. Most usage in city . Options thinking are Ertiga, Ciaz, Breeza. Can you please suggest

    1. Hi Venkat! Out of the three Ciaz is undoubtedly the most comfortable car and the suspension is adjusted to absorb bumps with ease. Considering city usage; do opt for the Petrol variant.

  8. I want a 7 seater car
    Diesel variant

    I am really confused between honda brv and maruti ertiga.

    Which one should i prefer.

    1. Hi Vipin. BRV is a ‘true’ 7-seater and offers much more space than Ertiga. However, Ertiga’s diesel engine is much more frugal, fuel-efficient and fun to drive. If space is a factor, then BRV will be the right choice for you. Or else opt for Ertiga.

      1. Thanks broo…

        I am going for ertiga.
        Coz i think its not worth paying 3.5lakhs extra for brv JUST FOR SOME MARGINAL DIFFERENCE.

        Ertiga vdi limited edition is similar to zdi.
        Nly 2 features are missing 1. Push start with smart key 2. Avn system.
        And these 2 are of no use.

        Ertiga for 10lacs will save 3.5lac.

        I can get a royal enfield from remaing. ☺😂😁

  9. I am also confused between ertiga and brv, considering the fact that there is huge discount offer from dealer on brv. Is brv better in quality and maintainance?

    1. Hi Vivek! BRV is very similar to Ertiga in terms of quality and also the maintenance cost of Honda cars are at acceptable levels. Considering the discount (which I’m sure will be upto Rs.1 Lakh) on the BRV makes it an attractive option to go for. The overall package is decent for the seven-seater.

    1. Hi Abhishek! BRV is obviously larger in proportions when compared to Ertiga and is hence extremely spacious & comfortable. Do negotiate a good deal for the BRV (current market discount is upto Rs.1 Lakh) and go ahead with the purchase.

  10. Hi, I liked Renault lodgy and planning to book. however worried due to its poor sales it may be discontinued in future. Please advise..

    1. Hi. Though Renault’s Lodgy is a wonderful car and is available at great discounts – we aren’t sure regarding the after-sales reliability and yes it could be discontinued as well owing to feeble sales numbers. Would recommend to opt for an Ertiga instead – though not as spacious as a Lodgy; but great resale and better interiors could make sense.

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