Indian Car Sales Figures – October 2018

Let’s look at the modelwise analysis here:

Top 25 selling models of October 2018 are –

Best Selling Entry-Hatches:

Best Selling Premium-Hatchbacks:

Best Selling MUVs:

Best Selling SUVs:

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    1. Yes, Hexa is an suv( at least the 4×4 variant is an suv) where as Creta is a pseudo-suv and S-Cross is a crossover. But this categorization here is weird.

  1. Interesting facts
    • Jeep sales lowering down, so Fiat is down overall
    • Amaze is settling to realustic sales. Stocked inventory is gone.
    • Santro sales has dented WagonR n Celerio sales, Tiago is not affected it seems.
    • Marrazo is doing good, its a good product, saved mahindra from losing 3rd spot to TATA.
    • Ignis will be history soon.
    • S-cross is losing it, Indian didn liked the great car & cross over car models.
    • Nissan is down as always.
    • Renault is also strugling, Only Kwid is holding it, a really good car, which is also losing sales gradually.
    • TATA is on roll with stunning growth as always, despite of Bad sales of Hexa n Zest, lets see how updated Tigor works next month.
    • Toyota Yaris is a big fail.
    • VW needs to reinvent.

  2. Eon is a successful model past 7 years .It should not be discontinued. I am telling this as the owner of eon past 7 yrs with great comfort and pleasure

  3. Good effort by Tata in growing faster than market despite no new vehicles in the last 12M.
    Nissan/Renault and Fiat Chrysler (Jeep) doing very poorly.
    Will be interesting to see how the Marazzo numbers hold up over the next few months.
    I think Classification has to be based on buyer perspective not facts, Hexa is heavily facelifted Aria and in my opinion seen as an MUV, Creta looks like an SUV and that is how buyers will look on it.

  4. I do not see a reason for discontinuing Eon which is selling more than 5K and launching Santro in next segment. It sells more than Xcent and Verna. A 7 year old car without any facelifts selling more than 4k is good numbers.

  5. Santro is going to defeat WagonR, Tiago nd Celerio in the coming next month……
    Will do superb job…!!!
    Marrazzo definitely a little bit costlier but better option than Ertiga.
    Maruti Suzuki is now coming into the most competitive nd tough environment… Appearing to loose share in the coming months too….!!!!

  6. Is Ford Freestyle Worthbuy??
    Can u please share the sales report of November??
    Confused between Jazz and Freestyle inspite of the fact that Jazz is Premium hatchback and freestyle is in lower segnt that Jazz.
    Please suggest…

    1. Hi Joy! Jazz is an extremely spacious car and obviously sits above Freestyle in segmentation. If budget is not a constraint; do go for Jazz!

    2. Any day freestyle is worth buying than jazz,
      the reasons are-
      1.More equipments
      Traction control,hill hold, stability control 6 airbags,best Android auto infotainment ,etc etc at very good price.
      2.Solid cabin build(More kerb weight)
      3.New gen SUV/ cross overs only have bulky looks, but freestyle is actually a capable cross overs in real-world conditions from my experience .
      4.New 3 cylinder petrol engine is more frugal and Smooth as a 4 cylinder engine.
      5.Cheap to maintain.
      6.Good ride and handling.

      Negative –
      1.No automatic on offer.
      2.Honda get better resale value

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