Kia Seltos becomes the best selling Mid-SUV for Aug’19!

The Mid-SUV segment grew by 7% in Aug’19 v/s Aug’18! The segment growth owed to the new car launches – Kia Seltos & MG Hector. Even the refreshed Duster saw a YoY growth of 58%. The erstwhile segment leader Creta saw a -42% decline in its sales. The volumes of Creta has significantly in past few months and the pics of the 2020 Creta are already pushing customers to either delay their purchase or go for the latest alternatives such as Seltos/Hector. Mahindra’s Scorpio stood third in the ranking table and sold 2,862 units in Aug’19.

Harrier’s tale has been a disappointing one. The SUV which had all the right ingredients in terms of looks, performance and road presence; lost it out in terms of features & AT transmission. Also the initial hiccups kept the enthusiasts at bay and are awaiting for the niggle-free updated version. The ‘Dark’ Edition is as attempt to garner prospect attention and hope the model gains volume this month. However; Hector & Seltos doesn’t look to leave any stone unturned to pull away market share till then.

5 thoughts to “Kia Seltos becomes the best selling Mid-SUV for Aug’19!”

  1. Don’t go by the numbers of first couple of months of launch of any new model. It’s not a correct reflection of its acceptance or success. Early adopters play a big role in new models bookings.

    Existing brands numbers could be an action to manage dealers inventories.

  2. I am curious to know, from where you guys source these official figures ,I mean is it shared by the automotive oems to you or there is an official portal to source the figures ,but of course for us till then ur the guru !!

  3. Harrier’s such a low sale is very disappointing.Hope so TATA rectifies the shortcomings of this beast like improving the interior, launch petrol and automatic version soon to arrest the dwindling sales.

  4. There is a additional sales of 2200 if we put kia and creta together. Entire 4% share of the market has been taken over from Maruti in Aug 2019 by Hyundai. That too in such a market. Awesome

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