October 2017 Car Sales – Snapshot

October proved to be a tough month for the Industry and the growth was flat. Apart from Maruti, Tata, Toyota, Fiat & Skoda – all other OEMs saw a downfall in sales when compared to similar period in last year. Also as usual, the Top 5 OEMs contributed to over 85% of Market Share!

11 thoughts to “October 2017 Car Sales – Snapshot”

  1. Beginning with Tata Zest TAMO is producing quality cars & pricing them competitively. Except Bolt all the cars are successful.

  2. FCA as a company is on right track it seems, with upcoming smaller SUV (Reneged) ,market share will surely increase. But FIAT as a brand seems to be failing continuously. Don’t see much hope for the brand.

    1. Fiat has taken the right step in upgrading to models like Compass and upcoming Renegade. It is impossible now to revive the likes of Punto, Linea, etc.

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