Q1 2019 Analysis – Passenger Vehicles

Q1 of 2019 has seen de-growth in comparison to same period in 2018. A weak consumer sentiment in an election year is reflecting heavily in Q1 of 2019, in otherwise growing PV market. Also, retail fuel price is very much at 2014 level, in fact, much higher for diesel. Illustration below shows how retail fuel price and interest rate on car loan has huge bearing on consumer sentiments and PV industry growth.

Industry Players

Every car maker is suffering, except for those who have had successful new launches, further helped by lower base effect.

Body Style

SUV segment which has shown strong growth momentum in recent past, too, is struggling now. Surprisingly, it’s the MUV segment which fared quite well.

Top 30 Models in Q1 2019:

(The article is written by Rohan Rishi. You can connect with him at emailrohanrishi@gmail.com)

3 thoughts to “Q1 2019 Analysis – Passenger Vehicles”

  1. Excellent analysis. The numbers also indicate the customer choices, Cheap cars do not sell but VFM cars do. Election years normally affect MUV and SUV sales to move people and supporters in several parts of the country. Honda Amaze shown a great deal of commitment from Honda to the short sedan in the Indian market, just like Renault with KWID in the entry segment. With current safety and engine updates and many customers might postpone purchases to 2020 April. It would be nice from the OEMs to bring their updates as soon as possible to keep the numbers stable. Otherwise, this quarter trend might continue for a year.

  2. Trio – Ciaz ,Verna and City… premium sedan segment isn’t growing…

    quite surprised to see the comments that City’s price cut impacted Ciaz and Verna.

    Offers on these models reflect actual scenario. City offers insurance + exchange bonus..which is worth of 50K…if City is doing well then there is no need of these huge discounts

  3. I wonder why the detailed export review has not been published for the last FY as was done in the previous year!

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