Passenger Vehicle Exports Statistics – H1 FY21

Hyundai pips Maruti Suzuki to become India’s largest Passenger Vehicle Exporter in the first half of FY2020-21!

  • The overall Passenger Vehicle exports dropped -57.5% YoY and was mainly attributed by Covid 19 disruptions and slowdown in international trade.
  • While Maruti was leading the Exports volumes till July’20 in FY21 (source); Hyundai regained exports volumes and got back to the top of the table last month for FY21. It was ahead of Maruti by just 492 units! However; do note that Hyundai’s Exports share reduced drastically from 28.3% in H1 FY20 to 20.7% in H1 FY21.
  • Maruti’s drop in exports volumes was much lower than the Industry average – this helped the automaker gain exports share up by 5.9%.
  •  Ford too lost significant volumes in exports and degrew a hefty -63.7%.
  • While GM’s Talegaon plant sale to Great Wall Motors is still in hold; it is continuously raking up the Beat hatchback for export markets. It continued to be nation’s fourth largest exporter in H1 FY21.
  • Kia Motors India is strongly jumping positions in the table. It has now pipped the biggies like VW to place itself in the fifth spot. It was also a meager 24 units short of GM’s numbers!

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