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2022 YTD: Indian Electric Vehicle market analysis

In the first 9 months of CY 2022, the BEV mass market in India reached 33,145 units with a 1.2% market share. Tata Motors commands a 90% share of the Indian BEV market. Tata Nexon is the best-selling product, followed by Tata Tigor.

Electric Passenger Vehicle Industry Trend:

BEV sales reached 33,145 units within the first 9 months of CY 2022.

BEV mix reached an all-time high level of 1.2% due to higher sales achieved by existing products, with some having a new battery pack.

July 2022 happens to be the best sales month for the BEV market in India, registering 4,493 units of sales.

In August 2022, the BEV mix reached its highest level of 1.4%.

Body style

The SUV/crossover body style is currently the most popular.

Manufacturer-wise Electric PV Sales -

Tata Motors commands 90% share of the BEV market, followed by a 7% market share of MG.

In 2022, BEV products contributed 8% and 7% of Tata and MG’s sales, respectively.


  • Tata Nexon, available with two different battery options, is the best-selling BEV product with a 66% market share

  • Tata Tigor EV now commands 24% of the BEV market share

  • The facelifted MG ZS EV with a new battery pack has a 7% market share

Mass market BEV products

  • The recently launched Tata Tiago hatchback is the most affordable product in the market. However, dispatches will start from January 2023 only

  • The MG ZS EV is the most powerful mass-market EV. However, the Hyundai Kona has the highest torque output

  • With the biggest battery pack, the MG ZS EV has the highest claimed range of 461 km tested at ICAT

  • The Hyundai Kona and MG ZS EV are manufactured in India from imported CKD units, while other products are manufactured locally using imported battery cells


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