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350cc Motorcycles Sales Figures for February 2021

350cc Segment Motorcycles collectively sold 65,438 units in February 2021 and was dominated by Royal Enfield Classic 350 which had a 55% share in the segment!

The segment was created by Royal Enfield and created a niche for itself along with significant volumes as well. It slowly emerged as a high volume, high margin segment and has led to the entry by other OEMs as well. Mahindra now has its presence via Jawa Motorcycles and even Honda has launched H'ness CB350 recently.

The segment grew 16.7% YoY whereas the overall Two Wheeler Industry grew 10.2% in Feb'21 v/s Feb'20. This signifies the increasing volumes and acceptance in the segment.

  • 350cc segment is primarily dominated by Royal Enfield and >90% volumes come from the OEM.

  • The segment leader RE Classic 350 saw a dip of -13.7% YoY. It may be due to the upcoming refreshed avatar of the model. Also, note that Meteor 350 has caught up really well and gained significant volumes. Meteor ranked 3rd and sold over 2.5 time of Honda H'ness!

  • RE Bullet 350 ranked second and grew 4.3% YoY.

  • Electra Twinspark sales in Feb'21 was encouraging and the model grew an impressive 75.3% YoY!

  • Honda H'ness sold 3,268 units in Feb'21 and ranked 5th in the table. The model is currently being sold from Honda Big Wing outlets and we anticipate the sales to increase as the outlets reach increase.

  • We do not have access to Classic Legends volumes (Jawa Motorcycles). However; as per registrations data - sales dipped -47.1% YoY in Feb'21 (source).

350cc Motorcycles Sales Chart -


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