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3W Exports was almost 3 times the domestic sales in H1 FY2021!

Around 58,662 three wheelers were sold in the Indian market in the first half of FY2021; while the export volumes was 1,52,772 units in the same period.

However; both Domestic Sales and Exports saw a double digit degrowth owing to Covid19 pandemic. The bigger dip was seen in the domestic volumes due to the inherent slowdown and the increasing acceptance of electric 3 wheelers.

India is undoubtedly the largest market for three-wheeler vehicles in terms of both sales and production across the globe. 3 wheelers remained to be an affordable means of short-to-medium public transportation and last mile connectivity for goods transportation. The significance was well identified by Taxi Aggregators (Ola, etc) and have added autos as well under their offering. However; the segment has seen a tremendous decline in the past 2 years and a lot is dependent on export volumes too. In FY2020; the domestic sales was almost equivalent to that of exports (source). But in FY2021; the exports numbers almost tripled to that of the domestic sales!

Three Wheelers Domestic Sales Statistics for Apr to Sep 2020 – 

  1. The segment has seen a unprecedented dip! The volumes dropped by -82% YoY and is the highest in the overall Automobile Industry!

  2. Bajaj & Mahindra emerged as the biggest losers and recorded the highest Market Share drop as well.

  3. With only 11 units sold in the past 6 months; Scooters India faces threat of extinction now.

  4. Piaggio YoY drop was -73%. However; the OEM recorded the highest Market Share gain .

Three Wheelers Exports Statistics for Apr to Sep 2020 – 

  1. While Bajaj lost tremendously in domestic sales; it has shifted focus largely in exports. It degrew -35% YoY against industry average of -40%. It was able to strengthen its exports market share to 67% in H1 FY21 (from 61% in H1 FY20).

  2. TVS & Piaggio lost significantly in exports and both OEMs recorded drop in Market Share of -2.3% & -3.3% respectively .


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