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5 Essential Car-Care Tips during the lockdown.

Ever since the pandemic has occurred due to the spread of COVID -19, the whole world has almost come to a standstill. Now more than ever, practicing self-care and care of gears is essential.

So, to keep things running in the right way, here we are, to give you some advice on car care. So that when you step out of your house, you stay hassle-free. So here are few tips for maintenance of your vehicle:

Test Drive your Car:

When your car is standing for a long time give it a test drive by running it at idle RPM for some time before you start driving, as it provides lubrication to the engine by spreading engine oil evenly. Don’t rev the car immediately, as it can be harmful to the engine. Initially drive slowly and apply brakes intermittently to avoid the brake noise. To prevent spots on tires give it a short drive in a parking area.

System Check

Not only test drive your car but also do check your systems, are in working order. Turn on your ac for at least a minute. Check all the lights and infotainment systems are in working condition. Check all the systems properly and do remember to switch them off.

Battery Care

Keep running your car at least for 10 – 15 min as it prevents the battery from being discharged. And in case, if a long drive is not possible to disconnect the battery from the negative terminal to prevent the discharge of the battery.

No Handbrake

The car should be parked in gear because the use of handbrakes for long may jam your brakes. It is suggested that for downhill and uphill gradient use reverse and first gear and to prevent the car from rolling away, place chocks and blocks near the tire.


Paint Protect

It’s better to park your car in the garage or a shaded area or use a car cover to protect it from direct sunlight, bird droppings, etc. Wash it regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt and dust.


Clean the cabin thoroughly by using a damp cloth. Give a close look at nooks and crannies so that all areas remain dirt-free. Avoid using disinfectant as it is not useful initially in a dusty car.


First, use the water-based solution or a surgical spirit, soaps, avoid using a disinfectant such as hydrogen peroxide or ammonia-based products as it could damage the interior of the car. Clean the most-touched surfaces such as door handles, steering wheel, buttons, and a key fob with disinfectant, and make sure that you properly rinse off your cloth while cleaning it and dry after cleaning it.

Upholstery Overhaul

Repeatedly using soap and alcohol can damage your leather upholstery, so to avoid such damage, a special leather conditioner should be used. For fabric upholstery, lightly dampen your cloth in disinfectant and wipe down the seats.

AC Service

Some are unknown facts that our air conditioning system is a good site for bacteria and fungi. It is recommended to get it serviced by professionals, but in case if you are cleaning the ac, then you should first clean the air filters and after that, spray down the ac vents with cleansing agents.

Amid a global pandemic, the need to care for our health and our belongings is of the utmost importance. So, stay safe and secure at home and give the best care to your car.


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