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Activa with 1.9Million+ volumes, Helps Honda to retain the Number 1 Scooter OEM in India.

Honda Two-wheelers India registered a volume of about 38,67,817 numbers. This Volume was a drop of about 8,38,772 numbers. The going of course was tough for Honda in FY 2021.

Honda registered a scooter volume of about 23,28,778 units, which was about 7.8lakh units lesser than the previous year. However, the volumes still stand as the highest scooter selling OEM. The closest player to Honda in the scooter segment was Hero with about 4.4lakh units in total.

  • The badly affected scooter segment was the reason behind this huge fall. Even though we did see a total volume of 19,39, 640 from honda Activa alone, one needs to see that it was a very strong decline of about 25%, which constituted to about 6,51,419 numbers.

Nevertheless, Activa continued being the number 1 Scooter model, which intern has helped Honda retain the Title of Number 1 Scooter Manufacturer.

  • The next model was the Honda CB Shine, which was one of India's highest growth motorcycles. It stood at a growth of about 39,817 numbers, which was about 4.20% growth. The volumes registered were close to a million at 9,88,201 units.

  • Honda Dio came a strong third for Honda's two-wheeler. With a volume of about 3,14,417 units. the Honda Dio was not able to shake the degrowth and again it fell by over a lakh units in terms of YOY volume comparison.

  • Honda Unicron PRM has emerged as the top 2 highest growth motorcycles in India. We saw a volume jump of about 2,14,455 units. The total volume of this model stood at 2,29,417 units.

The Honda Unicron PRM along with Honda CB Shine has helped Honda, transform itself from a Scooter only to a comprehensive two-wheeler manufacturer.

Honda Dream and Honda LIVO have also crossed the 1lakh+ volume mark. However, the rest 8 of the Honda's models constituted together a volume of about only 1.5lakh units.


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