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Bajaj Auto leveraged on exports in May 2020!

While the domestic market was reeling with lockdown in several parts of the country; Bajaj Auto’s strategy of focusing on exports worked well. Bajaj Auto’s exported over 2 times the domestic volumes in May 2020! However; the overall sales of Bajaj Auto fell 70% YoY to 1,27,128 units in May vis-a-vis 4,19,235 units in the same month last year. The segment wise sales bifurcation for Bajaj Auto is as shown –SegmentMay-20May-19Change %2-WHEELERSDOMESTIC39,2862,05,721-81%EXPORTS73,5121,59,347-54%SUB-TOTAL1,12,7983,65,068-69%COMMERCIAL VEHICLESDOMESTIC78830,103-97%EXPORTS13,54224,064-44%SUB-TOTAL14,33054,167-74%TOTAL (2-WH + CV)DOMESTIC40,0742,35,824-83%EXPORTS87,0541,83,411-53%TOTAL1,27,1284,19,235-70%

  1. Domestic two-wheelers reported dispatches of 39,286 units in May’20 vs 2,05,721 units in May’19 — 81% decline.

  2. Two-wheeler exports recorded 73,512 units vs 1,59,347 a year ago which was a 54% decline.

  3. Domestic commercial vehicles saw a dip of 97% (788 units in May’20 vs 30,103 in May’19)

  4. Commercial Vehicle exports registered 13,542 dispatches in May 2020 vs 24,064 in May’19; which was a 44% decline


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