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Bajaj Auto – Sales Performance

In our endeavor of covering more segments, we present you the latest analysis – Sales Performance of Bajaj Auto (both 2 Wheelers & Commercials). You may think on why are we presenting the analysis of Bajaj Auto in particular. There are 2 reasons for it –

  1. To highlight the Exports Contribution to the OEMs sales. Around 42% of Bajaj’s Auto Overall Sales came from Exports (Apr-Dec 17)!

  2. Commercial Vehicle (3W Load+Passenger) Sales of Bajaj Auto is on a roll! Bajaj Auto registered the highest ever sales (Domestic+Exports) for commercial vehicles in Dec’17!

Let’s see how the numbers fared in Dec’17 –

*Overall Commercial Vehicle sales was 63,785 units (YoY growth of 187.1% and all time highest volume in a month for Bajaj)

YTD Volumes –

Owing to a good Q3 Performance (Oct’17-Dec’17); it came as the best quarter in terms of Commercial Vehicle Sales for the OEM! However, Two Wheeler Sales was disappointing (specifically domestic market). Will review the model wise domestic sales later in the month.


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