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Bajaj retains the Number 1 spot in Three Wheeler Industry, for FY2021

The Three wheeler industry saw a drastic fall in volumes of about 66%, which translates to about 4,20,868 numbers.

It was quite literally a blood bath at the field. The volumes dropped from all ends. Every OEM has pushed itself to minimize the damage.

#) Bajaj the leader of OEM's in the three-wheeler segment, saw a drop of 2,56,011 numbers. This was about 50% of the entire three-wheeler Industry's drop.

#) We also saw the Piaggio and Mahindra three-wheelers drop volume at 89,636 and 41,660 respectively.

#) On a percentage basis none of the three OEM's saw a less than 60% drop in volume.

#) Atul Auto contributed about 15,349 numbers with degrowth of about 62%

#)Force motors saw no dispatches under this segment.


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