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Best Selling Compact Sedans of October 2018

An undying segment!

Yes, there is a reason why we are terming it as ‘undying’ – while OEMs had given up on the segment due to the 1-model dominance (Dzire); Honda rekindled the segment with its Amaze & Ford too isn’t ready yet to give it up and launched the refreshed avatar of Aspire. Tata too had the performance-oriented version of the Tigor (JTP) and is gunning hard to make it as successful as the hatchback sibling (Tiago). Let’s look how the Top 5 models fared in the segment in Oct’18:

  1. Dzire as always stood on top and sold 17,404 units. Surprisingly; it is after 17 months that Dzire has sold less than 20k units! The last time Dzire had sold <20k units was in July’17 (14,703 units). Does the falling volumes indicate something brutal for the segment? Or is it the competition is getting fiercer and Dzire is facing the heat?

  2. Amaze is now the clear No.2 and sold 5,542 units. However the drop in volumes in Oct’18 is steep when compared to Sep’18 (numbers dropped from 8,401 units in Sep’18 to 5,542 units in Oct’18)!

  3. The gap between Xcent & Tigor is minimized and Tigor was just 216 units behind Hyundai’s Xcent. Will Tata be able to gain the lead from Xcent and move to No.3 spot?

  4. Aspire in its refreshed avatar made in the Top 5 and sold 2.520 units in Oct’18!

Let’s look at the YoY sales numbers of models in the segment:


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