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Best Selling Compact SUVs of 2017!

While the monthly sales figures are eagerly awaited, we thought of presenting the segment wise analysis first. In our analysis we figured out that the C segment sedan segment is the most fierce segment right now – We have two strong contenders for the Top slot and almost all the models in the segment are extremely capable offerings.

We would now analyse the most touted segment in the industry right now – the Compact SUV space. The practicality of an SUV at the price of a premium hatch has been loved by the Indians and every OEM has tried to enter the segment in one way or another – i.e. either by offering a proportionate SUV (which is small in size; like the Ecosport/TUV/Brezza) or they’ve upgraded the hatchback offerings to meet the norm (i20 Active, Etios Cross, etc). And, Honda’s WRV has been a mixed attempt!

Believe it or not, Compact SUVs almost contribute to ~10% of overall passenger car sales in India! It is a segment that can’t be ignored right now – And coincidentally all Top 5 OEMs have an offering in this segment! Before we check the Calendar Year 2017 sales, lets see how the offerings performed in Dec’17 –

  1. Tata’s Nexon has dethroned the likes of Ecosport & WRV and jumped to No.2 Rank in the segment! In Dec’17, Nexon’s share in overall Tata’s passenger car sales was >28%

  2. Brezza crossed 10k figure again with ease and registers a sale of 11,540 units in December

  3. WRV volumes is still strong and contributes an impressive 3,760 units. As a matter of fact, it has been the second best selling model for Honda in 2017!

  4. Ecosport was again in a confused state and could do only 1733 units. Even post the new model launch such variance in numbers is unfortunate

  5. S Cross has found 2,847 customers. Still not able to understand the profile of the customers who opt for an S-Cross

2017 sales –

  1. Brezza is the undisputed segment leader and contributes to over 45% share in the segment!

  2. There was a tough competition for the No.2 slot though! Ecosport & WRV have been fighting hard for the same.

  3. With Nexon coming in, we expect the race to be No.2 will be even more exciting! However, sales inconsistency of Tata products is to be seen for Nexon’s case.

The segment has created a lot of buzz since Ecosport was launched and Maruti’s entry has made it even more prominent. It has also seen many OEMs launching an offering in 2017 (like WRV & Nexon). Let’s see how the volumes in the segment shape up in 2018!


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