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BMW will continue to develop Internal Combustion Engines even as Audi stops it?

Audi will not be developing internal-combustion engines further. It will, however, continue to update its current lineup of engines, as it meets tightening emission norms. This was told by Audi CEO Marcus Duesman to Automobilwoche.

However, BMW will continue developing Internal Combustion Engines.

Demand for ICE will continue to be robust for years to come, as per BMW CEO Oliver Zipse.

And BMW will be pursuing developing its EV platform too.BMW had released its 530-hp i4 electric sedan, this week, in affirmation of the above.

BMW does not expect EVs to overwhelm the other platforms in the immediate future.

The company is banking on plug-in hybrids over the full EV’s. However, the bulk of its sales are expected to be from the ICE platform.

The company’s flagship products are powered by the V-8s and also a V-12. While these models may eventually give way to other technologies of Hybrid, as of now, ICE technology is expected to remain prominent at BMW.


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