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Brezza beats Venue to become the No.1 Compact SUV!

Maruti Suzuki has ensured that it is not going to allow Venue to easily take the best selling Compact SUV throne. While Maruti has aggressively promoted Brezza is Aug-Sep’19 by launching a scheme wherein the company was offering free warranty for a period of five years or 1 lakh km to its customers across the country. Maruti is also working on the next-gen Brezza which shall sport a petrol engine.

  1. Venue volumes dropped in Sep’19 v/s Aug’19 and the model lost its top slot to erstwhile leader Brezza. However; Brezza volumes fell by a monumental -28% in Sep’19 v/s Sep’18!

  2. Ecosport sustained pretty nicely and had the lowest degrowth amongst its peers. The model ranked 3rd and fared better than the likes of Nexon / XUV300.

  3. Mahindra is swiftly losing volumes for the XUV300 and now the model sold lesser than Tata’s Nexon. XUV300 is primarily losing on pricing and shall be difficult for the model with eroding volumes.

Brezza also became the best selling SUV for Sep’19. The SUV sales (Compact + Mid) is shown here for reference –


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